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Week 2 28.02.2022

This week during our Magical Story Box Time we will be reading the next part of our story. We will be looking at the different people in our community. The children will have the opportunity to explore a variety of different activities such as making their own police hat, counting 1-5 with the police car numbers and putting the stamps onto the envelopes to post for the Post Man.

On Tuesday 1st March it is also Pancake Day so the children will be exploring the tactile tray using different ingredients to make pancakes, there will be lemons and oranges in the water tray with the fishing nets for children to use their own ideas. For special snack this week the children will also be having Pancakes.

Our World Book Day Activities:

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Peppa Pig - Pancakes (full episode)

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Important Dates:

Tuesday 1st March 2022- Pancake Day

Thursday 3rd March 2022- World Book Day 'Reading for Pleasure'

Friday 4th March 2022- Forest School