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Collaboration with 3 other Mansfield primary schools

So far our Teaching Assistants have had the opportunity to share good practise by visiting one of the schools within the collaboration. This has been very positively received and our TAs have lots of good ideas to improve their practise even further.


Miss Bamford has also met with the Year 4 teachers at all of the schools, has observed lessons and has looked at the quality of learning. This has been really positive and has given Miss Bamford some new strategies to use with her class. We intend to roll this out to other teachers across the 4 schools.



Following on from the Year 4 network our Y3 teachers have been able to meet up and share good practise across the schools. This has included looking at children's learning and moderating assessments.


A Quality Assurance visit of Farmilo took place in February 2019. This included all of the collaboration heads visiting the school to look at the quality of teaching and learning and the leadership of this, SEND provision within the school, behaviour and curriculum and outcomes in the Early Years. The process was very thorough and clarified our own judgements about our school. This will continue to happen within the other schools in the collaboration over the next year.