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W/C 28.02

The sounds we are focusing on this week are c, k and ck.  

Below I have attached our phonics song and tricky word song to help with recapping. 

For each sound I have attached a Geraldine the Giraffe video, the children really enjoy watching these videos and it helps them to apply the new sound!

Please have a go at forming each sound and trying to write words that start with and/or included the focus sound. 

Challenge: Write these words into sentences!


Phonics Song

Tricky Word Song

/c/ sound

/k/ sound

/ck/ sound


This week we are writing a plan for what we want to put on our pancakes and why we want them ingredients. We then are going to make the pancakes and see whether we liked our choices. You coul try this at home, or for another recipe! 


Our focus this week is still on the number 10. 

We will be looking at the different ways to make number 10, one more and one less than 10 and how to form the number 10. 

Have a go at home finding 10 lots of things and then try to spilt these into 2 groups. This will help you to explore the number bonds to 10. 

Challenge: Have a go at writing your number bonds to 10 in a number sentence!