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W/C 24.01




This week we will be focusing on the number 8! 

Please watch the number blocks episode attached:

Try to create a spider with 8 legs. What different patterns can the legs have? (4 and 4, 3 and 5 etc.). For a challenge try to write these patterns in to a number sentence i.e. 4+4=8. 

Have a go at forming the number 8!

Try to explore what one less and one more than 8 is using different objects in your house (bricks, sweets etc.).

Below is a worksheet to really help you understand number 8!


Please make sure you continue to read your school books and tricky words.

Don't forget about the challenge on bug club!!! laugh


Our focus book this half term is Our Big Blue Sofa - this week we are looking at hospitals and Nurses! 

In Class we are going to be writing a thank you to letter to Nurses and Doctors. Please watch the video below to get a better understanding of what Nurses do. Then have a go at writing your own letter.

Don't forget to use your robot arms and finger spaces!blush

Creative and writing - why not try and make a thank you card to write in for an NHS member of staff? Here are some ideas!

More Creative ideas for doctors and nurses week!

Other ideas for what you could do for this week at home:


Understanding the World - This week will be looking at your favourite toy from when you were a baby and your favourite toy now! You could have a chat with your grown up about how they are different and your favourite things about both. If you would like you could try to write these ideas down or you could add pictures onto Tapersty!

We hope you are ok and we can't wait to see you back at School! heart