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Scream Machine

WC 13.09.21

This week, we will be using our geographical skills to plot our journey from school to Alton Towers, testing the effects of water resistance and start to use software called 'tinkercad' to create our own roller coaster carriages. 

English: We will be writing our very own radio advertisement script for Alton Towers and then will have the opportunity to perform some on Friday. 

Spellings to be tested Thursday 16th: 



Maths: This week, we are continuing to build on our place value knowledge with numbers up to 999,999. 


Other foundation subjects this week cover learning how to express your thoughts and feelings in PSHE, learning about rules and choices in RE and building up number knowledge in French.

WC 06.09.21

This week, we will be learning about worldwide theme parks, centripetal force as well as creating our very own 'egg-citing droptower' that will challenge our engineering skills! 

English: We are having a 'SPAG Focus Week' to give the children the best start to their writing this year after much time missed in their learning. We will be recapping previous years objectives ready to start expanding this year into Y5 expectations. 

Spellings this week are:


Maths: This week, we are focusing on counting in 10s, 100s, 1000s and 10,000s. We will support the children to do this using our mastery approach which consists of active maths, concrete resources, pictorial support and word problems. 


Other foundation subjects this week cover learning how to be yourself in PSHE and exploring other people's values in RE.