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Week Commencing 16.1.22

English: This week, we are unpicking a video about an Egyptian adventure and are focussing on non-finite and relative clauses.  
Maths: Cube and Prime Numbers

Reading: We are reading a short story about an Egyptian Adventure. 

Topic: We will be learning about the Egyptian Gods and will be creating our own. We will paint them onto our papyrus paper in human form and then write a fact-file about them.

These will be tested on 20/1/22

Week Commencing 10.1.22


Tuesday 11th January - Partake Theatre Group are visiting us!

After our visit from Partake, we will be writing a recount about the day's events. 
Maths: Square, Cube and Prime Numbers

Reading: We are exploring more of our class text 'Secrets of a Sun King'. 

Topic: There will be a computing focus this week based on algorithms using our new software and technology. 

These will be tested on 13/1/22



Today is our engage day! We will be doing a lot of different practical activities to immerse the children into the topic of the Egyptians. We will be watching some videos to get a general idea about Ancient Egypt and doing some drama around the life of an Egyptian.
We will be having a go at making our own papyrus (Egyptian paper) and also making our own name tags using clay and Egyptian letters (hieroglyphics). 


Intro video -


How to make papyrus -


Names as heiroglyphics -