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W/C 02.05


The sounds we are focusing on this week are /oo/, /oo/, /ar/ and /or/. 

Below are our phonics and tricky words songs to help jog our memories. In addition to Geraldine the Giraffe videos for each sound.

Tricky Words - phase 2

Tricky Words - Phase 3

Phonics song

/oo/ (short /u/)


/ar/ sound

/or/ sound

Have a go at forming each of these sounds in whatever way you choose.

Can you then push yourself and write some words with these sounds in? Maybe even use these words with a sentence. 



This week we are focusing on writing in the past tense. 

We are going to have a go at using the past tense to write a postcard to a parent pretending that we have just been on the ship like Floella and describing what happened. You could make a postcard to share with your class describing something you have done before. 

Remember to use your robot arms, finger spaces and full stops.  



We are focusing on travel and boats this week as in our topic book 'Coming to England' Floella travels by boat when moving from Trinidad to England. Below you will find a list of some fun activities you could try at home linking to this: 

- draw and label your own boat 

- pack a suitcase for a pretend trip and pretend you are going on the boat, talk about how you feel and why 

- write a letter to post home from your pretend trip 

- count pieces of clothing in your house and write Maths sums that link to this (2 t-shirts and 3 socks- 2+3=5)

All of these can be done in a fun way and with adult support!smiley




Our focus for this week is going to be on halving and sharing into equal groups. 

We have attached the number block episode we will be focusing on and some activity sheets for you to practice halving.  

Number blocks