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W/C 18.04


The sounds we are focusing on this week are sh, ch and ng. 

Have a go at forming each of these sounds in whatever way you choose.

Can you then push yourself and write some words with these sounds in? 



Can you have a go at creating your own ten frame and using objects around your house to fill the ten frame with as many different ways that make 10. 



This week if you are at home, we would love you to have a go at writing an invitation, inviting someone to come to England. Think about what places people could visit, what would excite them about coming to a new country, what they could explore. We would love to see your fabulous writing- don't forget to use your robot arms and finger spaces!




Our new book explores a families journey on a boat, so can you explore different ways that you could create a boat? What materials can you use? Can you make yours float on water?