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Week 1 13.09.21

This week we will be introducing our new topic " The Gruffallo". The children will be getting a visit from the Little Brown Mouse from the story during our Magical Story Box Time. 

Focused activities this week will link to the Gruffallo,  especially the little brown mouse ... 

The children will be making mouse masks and decorating them using a variety of different resources. They will also be making marks with a range of animals in the paint and using foam and blocks to construct a path for the mouse to follow in the wood.

Outside they will be finding acorns, decorating a large mouse and painting leaves in the tuff spot .. Plus lots and lots more  smiley

Wood Mouse - a short film

A short nature documentary on wood mice, starring a sweet juvenile wood mouse.As seen on Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin's Self Isolating Bird Club (SIBC) E...

Three Blind Mice | Nursery Rhymes | Original Version By LittleBabyBum!

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Hickory Dickory Dock * Nursery Rhymes Song with Lyrics * Animated Cartoon for Kids

Nursery Rhymes for Kids:"Hickory Dickory Dock" is a popular children's nursery rhyme about a curious mouse who runs up a clock and gets ...



Today we did our first session of Dough Disco .... 

Dough Disco™ is a fine muscle exercise that helps children to prepare for Early Writing. As young children's brains develop the fingers are one of the last things tha it can control.

With a daily Dough Disco™ the child’s brain learns to control the fingers a lot quicker. It has no age limit because fine muscle needs exercise just like gross muscles.It has no age limit because fine muscle needs exercise just like gross muscles heart

Practice Dough Disco | Beginner Moves | Learn To Write

Prepare your childs finger muscles and brain for writing. This fun activity with play dough features our beginner moves to help you practice - Get your music...