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Primary Curriculum

Our Primary Curriculum

Curriculum Intent for our Foundation Subjects

Curriculum Statement

Here at Farmilo we aspire to an ‘irresistible’ curriculum. A curriculum rich, imaginative, creative and providing all learners with opportunities to explore, discover, grow and
achieve. This is all encompassed by our school vision: Imagine and Believe, Inspire and Achieve
Our staff are committed to this vision, providing high-quality learning opportunities, memorable moments, vivid, rich learning-experiences and real-world links with meaningful
outcomes and so we:

  • Plan for learning not lessons
  • Make it real
  • Make it relevant
  • Dream big – Creative Alchemy


Children are encouraged to question and discover the world around them, developing respect and a sense of wonder in our world. Our curriculum facilitates opportunities to be creative, physically active and academically challenged as well as contributing to pupils’ mental, physical and personal-wellbeing.


The Farmilo Curriculum for Years 1 to 6 is organised into 3 terms with a specific focus, from which all learning should be driven.


At Farmilo Primary School & Nursery we follow the Nottinghamshire County Council agreed syllabus for RE which takes into account the new curriculum guidelines.

Progression of Skills and Knowledge

Curriculum Handbook for Staff and Visitors