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Primary Curriculum

Our Curriculum Intent

A language rich curriculum where words inspire us, reading transports us and a love of learning helps us to grow into the best that we can be.

This is all encompassed by our school vision: Imagine and Believe, Inspire and Achieve

Our Primary Curriculum - LTPs

Here at Farmilo, we see Cornerstones Curriculum 22. Curriculum 22 is a broad and balanced, knowledge-rich primary curriculum.


Its content is delivered through a range of subject-specific projects, which last a full term.


Subject-specific projects cover art and design, design and technology, geography, history and science.


We use a seperate scheme for PE, PSHE, RE, Computing and French.

Our staff are committed to this vision, providing high-quality learning opportunities, memorable moments, vivid, rich learning-experiences and real-world links with meaningful
outcomes and so we:

  • Plan for learning not lessons
  • Make it real
  • Make it relevant
  • Dream big – Creative Alchemy


Children are encouraged to question and discover the world around them, developing respect and a sense of wonder in our world. Our curriculum facilitates opportunities to be creative, physically active and academically challenged as well as contributing to pupils’ mental, physical and personal-wellbeing.


The Farmilo Curriculum for Years 1 to 6 is organised into 3 terms with a specific focus, from which all learning should be driven.


At Farmilo Primary School & Nursery we follow the Nottinghamshire County Council agreed syllabus for RE which takes into account the new curriculum guidelines.

Progression in Subjects

Curriculum 22 is carefully planned so that aspects and concepts are broken down into smaller component parts or ‘chunks’ to form a cohesive progression framework. The progression framework runs from Year 1 to Year 6 and includes knowledge and skills that children need to know and be able to do in order to make progress through the curriculum. Our progression documents are copyrighted so can be accessed in school if required.