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W/C 07.03


The sounds we are focusing on this week are e, u, r and h. 

Below I have attached our phonics song and tricky word song to help with recapping. 

For each sound I have attached a Geraldine the Giraffe video, the children really enjoy watching these videos and it helps them to apply the new sound!

Please have a go at forming each sound and trying to write words that start with and/or included the focus sound. 

Challenge: Write these words into sentences!

Phonics song

Tricky word song

/e/ sound

/u/ sound

/h/ sound

/r/ sound

Topic / Writing: 

This week we are focusing on the weather and for this reason we would like you to produce a weather report or a weather diary. 

You can do this in any form you like and be as creative as you can be! 

We can't wait to see what you producelaugh