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Week Commencing 16.1.22

English: This week, we are unpicking a video about an Egyptian adventure and are focussing on non-finite and relative clauses.  
Maths: Cube and Prime Numbers

Reading: We are reading a short story about an Egyptian Adventure. 

Topic: We will be learning about the Egyptian Gods and will be creating our own. We will paint them onto our papyrus paper in human form and then write a fact-file about them.

These will be tested on 20/1/22

Partake Theatre Company - Ancient Egyptians 11.1.22

Our Ancient Egyptians Workshop Day with Partake was absolutely brilliant. The children all got involved and it felt like we really were taken back 3000 years! Over the course of the day, the children reinacted a mummification/ burial ceremony, made cartouches, looked at real artifacts and finally had an investigative lesson into spices that were used either for mummification or eating. 

Week Commencing 10.1.22


Tuesday 11th January - Partake Theatre Group are visiting us!

After our visit from Partake, we will be writing a recount about the day's events. 
Maths: Square, Cube and Prime Numbers

Reading: We are exploring more of our class text 'Secrets of a Sun King'. 

Topic: There will be a computing focus this week based on algorithms using our new software and technology. 

These will be tested on 13/1/22

Egyptian Day - 4.1.22

We had so much fun dressing up as Egyptians for our Egyptian Engage Day! 
We spent the day learning a song about how pyramids were built, inscribing our own name in hieroglyphs into clay scarabs, making papyrus paper and learning dance moves to an Egyptian Sand Dance from the 1930's. 
It was a fantastic day to set off our learning journey! 

Week Commencing 3.1.22


English: This week, we are re-visiting how to write newspaper articles with the subject based on the Pyramids of Giza. 
Maths: Multiples, factors, square and prime numbers

Reading: We are exploring the opening of our class text 'Secrets of a Sun King'. 

Topic: We learning about the history of the Pyramids of Giza and researching a historical timeline of Ancient Egypt. 

There will be a times table test in place of a spelling test this week. 
Please practise your 4,6,7 and 8x table.