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W/C 28.03


The sounds we are focusing on this week are y, z, qu and ch.

Below I have attached our phonics song and tricky word song to help with recapping. 

For each sound  I have attached a Geraldine the Giraffe video, the children really enjoy watching these videos and it helps them to apply the new sound!

Please have a go at forming each sound and trying to write words that start with and/or included the focus sound. 

Challenge: Write these words into sentences!

Phonics song

Tricky word song

/y/ sound

/z/ sound

/qu/ sound

/ch/ sound



This week we are going to write letters to Mrs. Tryner to persuade her to let us decorate the FS2 play ground. If you are at home, you could try doing the same and get a grown up to send a picture of your letter to School and we will share it with Mrs. Tryner!

We are also going to making our own finger spaces using a lolly pop stick. You can be a creative as you like but just remember to use it when doing your writing. 



Our focus this week is art and music. We will be doing lots of fun  activities throughout the whole week including making a Easter bunny, exploring colour mixing and many more. 

Maybe you could have a go at doing these activities at home!