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What are we learning this week?

***Please remember PE, for this week only is on Tuesday 14th May rather than Wednesday 15th May due to SATS. PE kit is required for Tuesday and school uniform for Wednesday, thank you.



We have moved onto phase 4 phonics.

We have looked at CVCC (consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant) words such as den-t, ram-p, ben-ch. We are beginning to read these by holding the penultimate consonant when beginning to blend for example d-e-nnnnnnnnnn-t = dent. Other examples include: crack, blob, flat, track, gran, flat.

We are now segmenting (sounding out with our robot arms) to write these words.


Midweek we will look at plural adding the -s in hands, tents, lumps and chimps.


Tricky words:

We will also be looking at reading have and writing you.

Phase 4 tricky words to practice at home: said so like come some have were there little one out do one when what.



This week we are looking at halving by showing the children a whole can be split into two equal parts; we will do this with concrete materials.

Next week we are moving onto number bonds to 5. 


Drawing club:

This week we are looking at 100 Decker Bus; our code this week is forming b and d correctly. On Monday we will be exploring the bus driver character; on Tuesday we will be looking at the setting; for the rest of the week we will be looking at the adventures.  


Next week will be looking at the colour monster book focusing on extending our sentences.


End of year expectations to practice at home:

Please keep practicing writing your full names and sentences that include a capital letter and a full stop.

Please practice number bonds to 5 as these need to be automatically recited:

I Know My Number Bonds 5 | Number Bonds to 5 | Addition Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann ( 



Please continue to read at home with your children as often as possible and document this in the children's reading diary. Not only is this the easiest way for children to earn dojos but it also helps the children practice their phonics and open up a new world of imagination that then transpires into their writing.