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W/C 09.05


The sounds we are focusing on this week are /ur/, /ow/, /oi/ and /ear/. 

Below are our phonics and tricky words songs to help jog our memories. In addition to Geraldine the Giraffe videos for each sound.

Tricky Words - phase 2

Tricky Words - Phase 3

Phonics song




/ear/ sound

Have a go at forming each of these sounds in whatever way you choose.

Can you then push yourself and write some words with these sounds in? Maybe even use these words with a sentence. 



This week we will be using adjectives to write a review of London. 

We will be exploring what an adjective is (please see the video below to support the children further) and using adjectives in order to describe London. 

What is an adjective?

At home, you could have a go at using adjectives to write a review for somewhere you have visited before or something that you love to do. 

Remember to use fingers spaces, full stops and robot arms! 



This week we are focusing on London as in our topic book 'Coming to England' Floella lives in London when she in arrives in England. 

Below you will find a list of some fun activities you could try at home linking to this:

- create your own England flag

-  make a poster describing your favourite things about London / England 

- have a look around use house and see what different objects / materials you could use to create a London landmark (We can't wait to see some pictures of these!). 


We will also be looking at seeds and how to care for them. At home you could write a predication of what you think a seed may look like as it grows. If your grown up has some seeds at home you could have a go at planting one. You could then have a go at producing a seed diary (documenting how you are looking after it and the changes you are seeing). 



Our focus for this week is going to be on making 12 using different arrays and exploring 1 more and 1 less of 12. 

We have attached the number block episode we will be focusing on and some activity sheets for you to explore number 12 further. 

Numberblocks 12