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Policies and Historic Spending

On this page, you will find details about our historic spending of the PE Premium and information about the way the PE Premium is developing the quality of PE teaching at Farmilo.





Farmilo has received PE Premium funding for several years. Our PE funding has a number of purposes:

1) To increase and enhance pupil sporting skills through engagement with qualified coaches.

2) To improve the quality of teaching of PE through engagement with CPD and qualified coaches.

3) To extend the range of sporting opportunities pupils have by developing links with coaches/clubs from a range of sporting fields.

4) To develop the school's involvement in the Manor School Sports Partnership which includes access to competitions and CPD  for staff.

5) To provide access to extra-curricular coaching opportunities, at school, for all pupils.


Details of how this has been spent are available here.

Some of the PE funding is used for staff Continued Professional Development. Details of this is available here.