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Week 2 20.09.21

As we continue the learning of our topic the Gruffalo this week, the children will be having a little visit from the Owl in the story during our Magical Story Box Time.

The focused activities this week will link to the Gruffalo especially the Owl......

The children will be using the feathers and paint to create different marks of their choice. They will also be having the opportunity to create their own owl ice cream using the foam and will be creating owl nests using the dough and natural resources such as twigs, leaves and grass.

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Tuesday 21/09/2021

On Tuesday we will be heading out on our listening walk around the school playground listening for different sounds and talking about what they might be. We have made our own listening ears, decorating them using a variety or resources.

We have attached a listening game to our website for you to have a go at with your child/children.smiley

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