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20th April 2015 Farmilo Working with the Community

Maun Valley Citizens

The launch of Maun Valley Citizens began back in September 2014 at Queen Elizabeth’s Academy, with around 100 people from local faith groups, schools and other community organisations all joining together to do good for Mansfield and the local community.  In November, an accountability assembly took place at which three working groups were established to work on agreed areas for improvement, namely: jobs, loneliness and safety.


The Maun Valley Citizens campaign has been greatly support by local schools and it enables School Councils to reflect on their local community and what matters to them.  At the last meeting in March 2015 at The Samworth Church Academy,  the Maun Valley community came together to agree on the asks for the potential Mansfield Mayoral candidates. Queen Elizabeth’s Academy students are asking for support in increasing the opportunities for young people to have more work experience and students from St Philip Neri are asking that the speed limit outside their school should be reduced. The work so far has been amazing and gives children and young people a real since of purpose in their local community.  The work also empowers them to build a true sense of belonging and they see that their input is being shared.  


The next big event for Maun Valley Citizens will be on the 20th April 2015 at Vision West Notts College, when around 400 people will come together to share the agreed priorities for Maun Valley with the future Mayoral candidates.  The Mayoral candidates will be put on the spot and asked how can they support asks for the Maun Valley Citizens agenda.



Joy Riley

Community Manager

Queen Elizabeth’s Academy

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