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Wk beginning 19th Sept


In maths, Year 3 are learning how to compare numbers up to 1000, and Year 4 are learning how to compare numbers up to 10,000.  The children will use a range of concrete resources to support their learning alongside their classroom activities.



We are starting an exciting 2 week block on how to write a diary.  This will be written from the perspective of an Anglo Saxon child, and will include their knowledge from History and Geography.



This week, the children are learning about the discovery of the burial at Sutton Hoo.  Using their skills of interpretation and analysis, we will examine images taken from this monumental discovery to enhance our understanding of the significance of the treasure buried here. 



We will be learning all about the Topics of Cancer and Capricorn with a exploration of the Equator.  



Continuing with our theme of producers and consumers, the children will learn more about interdependence and the relationship animals and plants have with their habitats.