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Wk beginning 5th Sept


This week in maths, we are going to be exploring place value. We will work on recognising the value of the digits in a given number creating our own numbers which fit given rules.



In English, we are going to be working towards writing a letter to the Romans. We are going to look at the format of a letter, how to use formal writing, and explore subject specific vocabulary.



We are going to be reading a non-fiction text this week which covers some of the amazing things that the Roman's introduced into England after their invasion. We will be unpicking the vocabulary, answering retrieval questions to check understanding, and consider the which creations and inventions were the most important in the modern age.



We are going to be looking at the topic 'Food and the Digestive system' in Science for this half term. This week, we are focusing on producers and consumers, as well as food chains!



For the rest of the week, we are going to be furthering our knowledge in timelines in history, we will look at audio and recording sound on laptops in computing, and we are going to explore compasses in geography!