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Week 4 25/09/2023

This week we will be continuing our topic 'Blue Chameleon'. We will be learning about the different patterns and colours that the Blue Chameleon turns into throughout the book. The children will have a variety of activities to explore this week such as using the scissors to cut the straws, exploring the bottom of the rock pool in the water tray, making patterns in the different malleable resources, creating different patterns with paint from our 'Blue Chameleon' book, exploring number rhyme books and washing the cars in the tuff spot. Please see some pictures below of our activities this week.

Read Aloud - Blue Chameleon by Emily Gravett (Reading with Raegan)

Reading by Raegan. Raegan is in primary school and loves to improve her editing skills while reading fun books. Enjoy! This book is dedicated to my baby cousin Ruby James

Culture Club - Karma Chameleon (Official Music Video)

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Pump Up the Pattern | Fun Exercise Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Important Dates:

Friday 29th September 2023- Forest School for all children, please send your child to nursery in weather appropriate clothing and wellingtons. Thank you.