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Week 1 06/11/2023

We hope you have all had a restful half term, we are looking forward to seeing you all back in school this week.

This week we have a very busy week learning about a variety of different festivals.

Monday- The children will be learning about Bonfire Night and talking about the children's experiences. We will be having a look at Fireman's Safety and how to stay safe when going to a bonfire. Our activities for Bonfire Night are making a rocket, exploring the campfire, creating a firework, using the paint to make fireworks, threading the marshmallows onto the skewers and pouring in the glittery water. 

Tuesday and Wednesday - The children will be learning about Diwali and the events leading up to Diwali. the children will have a variety of activities to explore such as making Rangoli patterns, creating patterns in the glitter, making diva lamps, exploring the rice with the bowls and spoons and dancing.

Thursday and Friday- The children will be learning about Remembrance Day. We will have a variety of activities such as creating a poppy, building in the sand using the red bricks, exploring the pasta with the bowls and spoons, write a love letter and order the poppies in order of size. Please see some pictures of our activities below.


Bonfire Night- Monday 6th November 2023

Diwali- Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th November 2023

Remembrance Day- Thursday 9th and Friday 10th November 2023

Fireman Sam Official: Bonfire Night Safety Tip 1

CBeebies | Diwali | My First Festivals

CBeebies | Diwali | My First Festivals ๐Ÿ“บWatch CBeebies full episodes on BBC iPlayer ๐ŸŒŸLearn more about Diwali and other festivals here โค๏ธSubscribe to CBeebies YouTube Channel Happy Diwali! Learn about Diwali with CBeebies as we follow Deeya and her mum while they prepare for and celebrate Diwali, the Hindu the festival of light.

CBeebies Songs | What is Diwali? | The Let's Go Club

Sing along with The Let's Go Club as we find out all about Diwali. For more videos, games and makes visit The Let's Go Club page on the website: Visit CBeebies at to find even more fun, games and videos for your pre-schooler in a safe child friendly environment.

Beautiful animation sees war as experienced by animals | Poppies - BBC

Subscribe and ๐Ÿ”” to the BBC ๐Ÿ‘‰ Watch the BBC first on iPlayer ๐Ÿ‘‰ BBC Children's remembrance film. A beautiful and evocative animation that sees war as experienced by animals in a WWI battlefield.

Important Dates:

Friday 10th November 2023- Forest School, please ensure children are wearing weather appropriate clothing.