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Your interest of the week!!

Thank you to everyone who has returned the information about your child's interests. Below we will let you know how we have incorporated this into our lovely learning within the Foundation Stage Unit.


Planting in our garden

We helped make Grandma better in the Drs Role Play

Healthy Day!


We had lots of fun in our circuit training today with Gordon using our skills of speed, travelling and negotiating spaces. We also tasted different fruits and made a healthy lunch box.


Pancake Day


We had a lovely sloppy messy day!

Thank you to the parents who came in and made pancakes with the children. Lots of our children love baking especially Amelia, Bruce, Oliver and Isabella.


Local Artwork in Pleasley


We have lots of budding artists in the Foundation Unit (Bethany, Mya, Martha, Scarlet, Oliver, Isabella, Ruby G, Olive, and Ellie to name a few!)

We all enjoyed seeing the mural!





In RE this week we used Lego to make a building without a roof to lower the paralysed man into the building.  In science we made towers to show how tall we are.

This really captured the interests of Harrison, Madeline, Toby, Dylan, Bailey, Odin and Logan.


W/C 16th January 2017


We shall be planting cress seeds as part of our Science Day. We love to see how things grow and change over time. 

Amelia and Ernie love gardening at home too.

My Little Ponies will keep us busy with our imaginative play this week. 

Lots of children have a keen interest in these toys: Grace; Scarlette; Kathy-Ann; Nuala.



Christmas at the Dolls House


We decorated our dolls houses ready to celebrate Christmas.

Small world play offers a chance for children to be imaginative and creative and use lots of language to develop their thoughts and organise things.


These children are really interested in this learning- Mia H, Martha, Mya, Lottie, Ellie, Liliana, Scarlet, Madeline, Zac, Roman and Sophie


Baby Jesus has a bath 


Lots of children enjoy playing with the babies so we talked about who was born at Christmas time. We thought about the things babies need to be cared for and loved and we gave our babies a bath.

These children especially love babies - Ellie, Mia H, Martha, Madeline, Zac, Grace and Paige 

How did the Pirate Ship get here?


We found a stranded pirate ship in the water area. We discussed how it could have got there and how we can help it set sail again.


(Just for Bailey and Nuala)



The dinosaurs came to Farmilo!


Most children enjoy imaginative play where they can take on the role of director as they lead the play and direct the learning and language with the animals.

Rachel, Harry and Louis have said dinosaurs are one of their favourite toys and were involved in lots of imaginative play in the sand with the dinosaurs.

Week Commencing 21st November 2016


Moon and the Stars​        


Martha, Mya, Olive, Violet, Sophie and Ernie are interested in the moon and stars.

This week we learnt the word constellation and made star constellation pictures, telescopes to star gaze and had to colour the stars.

Animal Surgery - look after and care for all kinds animals and birds.

These children love animals and really enjoyed this part of our learning.

Riva, Bethany, Alexandra, Scarlet, Violet, Rachel, Lily, Grace, Paige, Roman, Bailey, Jacob, Isabella and Ruby F.


Cook your favourite meal in the Bonfire Kitchen Cafe - just for Ellie, Zac and Liliana