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Year 5

Year 5 Curriculum/Assessment information for parents

Summer 2 Newsletter

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Welcome to Year 5. Year 5 staff are: Mr. Newman (Teacher), Mrs. Ledger (Teaching Assistant) and Miss. Wells (trainee teacher). 


Our topic this term is Off with her Head. We will be travelling back in time to the 1500s to find out about King Henry VII, Tudor life, homes, crime and punishment, dance and costumes. We will read extracts from Shakespearean plays including Macbeth.


Our PE days this term are Wednesdays and Thursdays and this will take place outside so make sure you have your outdoor PE kit.


We are always here to help and will make every effort to deal with questions or issues as efficiently as possible. Either contact the school office or speak to us before or after-school to arrange an appointment.

Off with her head - Creative Home Learning

Tudor Fashion Design - Moodboards

Maths - Reflections

Summer 1 Newsletter

Allotment - Creative Home Learning

Well done to Year 5 for some wonderful creative home learning! The classroom smelt and looked like a garden centre this morning which was absolutely wonderful! 

Kodu Game Design: designing our own Allotment-themed games!

Royal Wedding Medal-making artwork

Bee Keeping at Pleasley Orchard

Orchard Visit 2 - Planting

Spring 2 Newsletter

Metacognition - beginning to learn to juggle!

Spring 1 Newsletter

Celebrating Chinese New Year!

Sewing Constellations

Celebrating Creative Homelearning

Star Sign statistics

Blast Off!

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Mr. Arnold very kindly worked with us this afternoon to help us design and launch rockets. The furthest distance traveled was an incredible 41m!

A cracking Science lesson

Can you slow the fall of an egg to prevent it breaking?

As part of our learning about gravity and air resistance, we attempted to answer the question using a range of resources provided to us. Mr. Ambrick helped us drop the eggs, in their baskets, before we analysed the results of our experiment. 

Our trip to the National Space Centre

To Infinity and Beyond!

Modelling Night and Day

We used two footballs and a torch to model how we have night and day.

Creating Planets

We are the Planets

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We had a Rap Battle to perform the 'We are the Planets' rap. Check out our winning group!

The Scale of Planetary Distances

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We worked together as a class to map out the approximate distances between the planet using sheets of toilet paper!

Autumn Term (2) Newsletter

Autumn 1 Newsletter

Creative Home Learning!

Derby Museum Mummies!

Partake Ancient Egyptian Day

Pyramid Painting

We have learnt some of the myths from Ancient Egypt including the stories of Ra, Osiris and Horus. We are using paint pens to paint these stories onto our wall like the inside of Ancient Egyptian pyramids.