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Welcome to Year 4's class page! We hope you enjoy looking through our site and seeing all the fun things that we have been learning about. Keep checking our page for weekly updates.

Year 4 KPI objectives

A link to the presentation from our writing meeting

Misty Mountain Sierra - Summer 2 newsletter

The water cycle!

24.06.16 - some fantastic mountain models from Cody, Daisy Lou and Mackenzie for part of their home learning, well done!

Celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday

25.05.16- Some fantastic Macbeth poetry, well done Year 4!

13.05.16 Welcome to Potter's Emporium.... Children had £100.00 to spend on items to save Mrs Tryner from evil Voldemort.

Some fantastic homemade potions ...well done Year Four

11.05.16: a shopping trip down Diagon Alley for our Maths lesson.

9.05.16: writing algorithms to make a potion in the sun :)

4.05.16: Art and Design, Design Technology: designing and creating potion bottles

22.04.16: a fantastic trip to Nottingham. We visited the Chairman at the County Hall and then had the opportunity to meet Abi Elphinstone at Waterstones,the author of our class reading book!

18.04.26- Alice in Wonderland themed treasure hunt, tea party and Alice riddles... Thank you for all your effort and hard work!

Summer 1 newsletter - Potions


22.03.16- creating original healthy snacks to write about in persuasive text. Children will be presenting their ideas Dragons' Den style

17.03.16 - finding out at what a digestion system actually looks like....

Well done Year 4 - a great effort

We hope you had a fantastic World Book Day, from the Year Four Team 😃

For World Book Day, we celebrated all things Shakespeare. He loved making up new words,which we call compound words. We decided to make our own compound words up:


Coldsun: when it is cold and sunny at the same time.


Newmood: when your mood always changes quickly.


Hotlips: when you always talk!


Sugarmouth: somebody that doesn't trust anybody.


Purpleeyes: somebody that stares at everything going by. 


Littleears: somebody who is not very good at listening. 





25.02.16- some fantastic dental leaflets for our Big Write!

23.02.16 - Investigating the effects of different drinks on a tooth-like substance.

22.02.16 - a great start to the new topic. We made healthy snack bars using dried fruits, oats, honey and mashed banana. We then tested out the recipe - a big thumbs up! If you would like to try this recipe at home, please see the link below

The recipe we followed for the healthy snack bars - enjoy!

Spring 2 newsletter

Science Day Spring 1 Can we block sound? Groups used different materials to make sound proof boxes and we tested to see which box blocked sound the best!

Children enjoyed making musical instruments!

27.01.16- collecting data using a frequency table in maths. We used our data to make bar chart.

14.01.16- we investigated how sounds are created.


Today we looked at art from famous artists Klee and Kandinsky and thought about what songs we thought they would represent. Children had some great ideas. We then listened to different styles of music and copied their style of art. 

Emily - "This art reminds me of Star Wars theme tune because it reminds me of a space ship."

Lucas - " This art reminds me of Bruno Mars because it looks like a bird's eye view of his video that is set in a town."

11/12/15: DROP EVERYTHING AND READ! Year 4 read with Year 2 :)

Traders and Raiders

Take a look at our fabulous poems.....

25.11.15: can you guess what our riddles are about?

Today we had a visitor who taught children the Anglo Saxon Futhorc alphabet. Children decoded messages and even wrote some messages using the Futhorc alphabet! We then had the opportunity to say the Lord's Prayer, Faeder Ore.

Making models of Anglo Saxon homes.

Some fantastic home learning, well done year 4! :)

17.11.15: Anti-bullying week, make a noise!

13.11.15- In our English this week,we have retold the myth of King Arthur as comic strips. Here are some examples of our amazing comics.

2.11.15. Making Anglo Saxon boats

Science day 22.10.15

12.10.15: Today we had the opportunity to bake traditional Roman bread. We followed a recipe very carefully and at the end of the day we got to taste the bread. We decided that it was delicious!

Maths problem: children created shopping lists and had to stick to a budget! They then worked out how much change (if any!) they would be left with.

8.10.15: Mansfield Museum, a day in a Roman British town

24.09.15: This week, we have been doing lots of work about Queen Boudicca. We looked at different images of Boudicca, recreated her poses and sketched classmates. We then transformed our sketches into wire models! Can you see the resemblance?

16.09.15: This week in Topic, we researched the shields that the Roman and Celtic warriors used in battle. We then designed and created our own.Thank you for all the boxes!

Welcome to Year 4!