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Year 1

Welcome all to a new year!


Year 1 have settled in beautifully.  Yesterday we learnt about the PANTS rule and our lovely pants are on a washing line in the classroom. Today, we have been logging on and off the computer by ourselves and learning how to be kind online.  We also learnt that people might not be who they say they are online. 

Our masks


Our R.E. lesson today

We have been working on our own Amazon Rainforest Poems.  We have written them using our own fabulous adjectives, practised reading them aloud and decided on some WAGOLLs (What A Good One Looks Like) We hope you enjoy them :)


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We made stringed instruments to play along to the Rio film theme tune. We hope you like it!



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We've been using school's new scales to weigh out some pasta in preparation for tomorrow's cooking.  Hopefully that will be a nice surprise for the Garden Party on Thursday :)
Today, Mrs Hickling gave us the days of the week printed on colour paper.  We worked together as a team to find the next days and link them all together as a paper chain.  It took a lot of problem solving skills but we managed it in the end :)
Welcome back for our final half term together in Year 1.  In the weeks before summer, we'll be enjoying the bright colours and swinging samba beat of Rio.  So get ready for The Carnival!

Rio de Vida

Our sensational safari parks

Our amazing arrays

Our visit to The Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Year 1 enjoyed a fantastic day of animal watching at the wildlife park today and all learnt something new, especially about our big, white, furry friends, the polar bears.  We were so close to wallabies that a couple of us managed a little stroke, we watched the lemurs jumping from tree to tree and promised to switch off the lights at home to help save the polar bears.  If you are not sure how that could help, please feel free to ask us all about our wonderful day.

Year 1 Mammal facts

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We used books to research facts about animals and read them aloud to the class.

Betty's visit

Our surprise guest was a big hit with Year 1 and she had such a super day.  Betty had great fun being chased around the field, posing for us to draw her and having lots of petting and treats.  She loved every moment in the classroom and was dog tired when she got home.

I know she looks a bit grumpy but she is smiling inside!

Welcome to Summer

We have had a fantastic first day back and are really looking forward to a visit from our mystery guest tomorrow!  Our exciting new topic is Paws, Claws and Whiskers so we will be learning lots about animals in the coming weeks.


Y1Easter performance

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For those of you who didn't manage to go to church 😄
The weather was kind to us today and we managed to dodge the showers. We spotted some very interesting sculptures in the morning and, after a super picnic lunch, created our own in the afternoon. Please have a look at our amazing Gruffalo sculptures and the photos of our sensational day below. 

Rufford Park Visit

Easter Fun

Andy Goldsworthy art in the environment

We have been learning about an artist called Andy Goldsworthy and the artwork he creates using natural materials. We had a go ourselves and were pleased with the results :)

Palm Sunday

We thought about what kind of king the people were expecting and what they would be thinking as Jesus arrived in Jerusalem. Jesus (Georgie) answered some of our questions about his miracles. 

The Enchanted Woodland

We kicked off our new topic in style today.  Year 1 walked through then woods on a voyage of discovery this morning.  We searched for different leaves and twigs, observed the early signs of spring and listened to the bird song.  We were definitely ready for our lunch by the time Mrs Williams had put us through our paces!


Dinosaur Day

Year 1 were lucky enough to have a visit from a real paleontologist today.  Dinosaur Mike showed us lots of amazing fossils and artifacts and really brought our dinosaur topic to life.

The Wedding of the Year

Year 1's blushing bride, Alexia, married Josh at St. Farmilo's today in the company of their friends and family.  Reverend Caroline said it was lovely to see such a happy couple and that she hopes they will enjoy married life. (Don't worry Josh, it's not permanent)

Our Dinosuar Facts Powerpoint

Our dinosaur box models

Our fossils

Mrs Mason deserves a medal today!  We have made fossils and she was the master of plaster!  Just don't mention the jugs (Shhh) What great fun though, and our fossils will be on show at the end of topic event so look out for your invitation.


Dinosaurs visit Pleasley! It's official!

What an exciting week!  Mrs Tryner told us that something strange had happened on the field and that we needed to investigate.  After finding egg shells and half-eaten toast, we discovered an enormous nest with a huge egg nestled inside.  We carried it carefully back to the classroom and placed it into a warm box to see if we could hatch it.  Watch this space... 

Obviously we had to write about it...

These are the word documents we produced from our writing.

We're having a snow day! :]

Because the weather looks like it's not going to provide us with a white Christmas, we've decided to make some of our own!  We have learnt that snow flakes have 6 arms, that penguins only live in the south pole and some countries never get snow!  We have also made a snow flake of our own and tested its float-ability.

Our lovely Christmas craft

Today we had a Teddy Bear Picnic to celebrate the end of our topic. Everyone bought their favourite teddy to school for the day.
Today, we worked in groups to read the clues and find the hidden treasure.  There was some bounty at the end so it was worth all the effort.  We have been learning about diary entries so we wrote all about it later on.  Tomorrow, we are going to be writing an independent diary entry about all the fun things we do at home.

Our Treasure Hunt


 Toys Museum Visit


Today we went to the museum to look at things in the past. This included toys and the history of Mansfield. We made a cup and ball toy of our own.  

Year 1 & Year 2 went to the cinema today to watch Frozen.

Everyone had a great time and sang along to the songs!


Autumn 2 News


This half term our topic is The Memory Box.  This is a history topic so please talk to your child about the past and when they were babies.  We have attached the latest newsletter for your information.



Have you seen the Kids’ Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.

Mrs Hickiling, Mrs Lunn & Mrs Williams

Newsletter Autumn 2

Our baptism

We took our baby, Samantha Jane, to church today for Caroline to baptise her.  Caroline told us all about the service and the symbols used.  We talked about the cross, the water and the candle.

Superhero scenes

Year 1 have been posing for their friends to photograph their own superhero scenes today.  I was so impressed with the way they all listened to each others ideas and acted them out in a very mature manner.  This resulted in some great photos. Well done Year 1.

Superhero photographers

Comic strips

Tomorrow, we'll be learning all about comic strips.  I'm afraid Marvel have very rudely deleted the 'make your own comic strip' game, but I'd love to see your home made ones.  What do you think to mine?  You can make your own Superhero on the following link...

My blurry superhero :)

Exciting Visitors to Year 1

What an exciting day we had in Year 1 yesterday.  Francesca's dad brought two of his colleagues and two police dogs to tell us all about a day in the life of a real life superhero.  We watched Nibbles chase a baddy, explored the inside of their fantastic police car and even had a little go with the siren.  We feel very lucky to have had a visit from such busy and important people.

Thank you Francesca's dad.

Superhero Topic Newsletter

Superted - Trouble in Space Part 1 (Full Episode)

Super ted's first episode