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Welcome to Year 1's class page! We hope you enjoy looking through our site and seeing all the great things we have been learning about. Please keep checking back for updates. 


Important information:

Our PE days for this half term are Tuesday and Wednesday but please keep kit in all week in case of any last minute changes.

Please try to practise your child's spellings as these will be tested every Friday, practise your child's times tables as this will be tested every other Friday and read everyday with your child to move up the reading bees.




Welcome back to Year 1! 

Our new topic is 'Moon Zoom!'. This is a Art & Design based topic all about space.

Please see the topic letter for further details.

Wednesday 15th June 2016

When we arrived at school this morning we were met with a surprise! Somebody has been in our reading corner and left it covered in slimy, green goo and broke our window! We have interviewed some members of staff and we have concluded it is an Alien! We are keeping a watchful eye out for them...

Happy 90th Birthday Queen Elizabeth! Making our ice-cream, plate painting and dancing.

Science Day - Can we leap like a frog?


We started our science afternoon thinking about different animals and things they can do that we can't. We then completed 6 different experiments:

  • Can we pick a worm like a bird?
  • Can we fly like a bird?
  • Can we sniff like a dog?
  • Can we turn our head like an owl?
  • Can we slither like a snake?
  • Can we eat flies like a frog?

It turns out we can't fly but we can successfully get a worm (sweet lace) out of soil (chocolate biscuits)!

Art & Design - animal paper plates.

Year 1 had a fantastic time last week at Yorkshire Wildlife Park! We saw lots of animals including; meerkats, lions, deer, wallabies, lemurs, tigers, polar bears and cheetahs! Somehow most of the rain avoided us all day and the children were a credit to Farmilo. :)

Our trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

This week we learnt about camouflage and why some animals camouflage themselves. To help us understand we went on a butterfly hunt! Miss Dobb hid 40 butterflies and she tried to match the colour closely to our playground so that the butterflies were well camouflaged. It is safe to say she did a great job - we could only find 34!

Art & Design - we learnt how to weave and created an animal print weave.

Science - We learnt about the different groups of animals.

Our Memorable Experience - A visit from Lottie!

A lovely end to Splendid Skies!

This week we made a cloud finger and went hunting for different clouds.

Our World Book Day pieces of work!

We have had a great first week back! We started our new topic by looking at the wind. We learnt a wind poem and had a go at writing our own version. This term we have a big focus on handwriting and we have been practising our handwriting on a special frame to help us remember which letters are tall and which letters are small. We ended the week by making our own paper windmills. Super first week Year 1!
This week the children returned to school to discover something very strange had happened in Year 1. Two dinosaur eggs were found in our roleplay area and one of them had cracked! We decided to describe the eggs in detail and send the information off to a dinosaur expert who has agreed to come and see us in the next few weeks. We then found some dinosaur bones which we measured using cubes. We will continue to monitor the eggs and see if anything else happens!

Year 1 have had a lovely couple of weeks getting into the Christmas spirit! On top of our Christmas play we have been making calendars, cards and crafts. Yesterday we watched Tim Peake launch into space for Christmas. We decided to make him a Christmas card to remind him how proud we all are. 


We've had a fantastic first term. Enjoy the time off and we'll see you after Christmas in the spring term.


Miss Lowe, Mrs Williams, Mrs Cantrell and Miss Dogan

This week we have been learning about time. We looked at the different days and months of the year and talked about our birthdays. We also made our own clock to help us understand how clocks work. We can now tell the time to the hour and to half past the hour! Ask us and find out :)

Anti-Bullying Day.


Last Monday was our Anti-Bullying day. We spent the day discussing what bullying is and discussing what to do if we see bullying. Then, we thought about what positive things we can do instead. We made a paper chain of positive actions and thoughts and made a class jigsaw. We also learnt a song about friendship. It was a lovely day!

Last week we visited Mansfield Museum to learn about our new topic 'The Memory Box'. We met Geoff who taught us what materials our toys are made of and what material toys used to be made of. Then we got to explore the museum and play with the toys! 

22nd October 2015 - Science Day!


Today was our science day! In science this half term we have been learning about healthy eating and our senses. We made pictograms about our favourite sandwich filling, wrote instructions for making a sandwich, made a superhero healthy sandwich and tested our sense of sight and touch. It was a very exciting day and we all loved being investigators. Well done Year 1 for a super day and a great half term!

Samantha Jane's Baptism

John Lewis

We'd like to introduce you to our lovely John.  He's a very lonely bear who just loves to make friends and has been so sad in the classroom by himself over the weekends.  He's been to visit Mrs Hickling and now he wants to come and visit the rest of Year 1.  He will be coming home with a different child each weekend and we'd love to hear about the fun you have had together.  Just ask your child to write a sentence and a little picture will be great.  Thanks you for looking after him :)

Last week we used our superhero sense of taste to try new fruits. We tried some mango, physalis, grape, passion fruit, pomegranate and pineapple. We then tried to describe the taste with some taste words. As you can see from our faces, the new fruits had a mixed reaction!


Fruit tasting

As part of our Superheroes topic, we were lucky enough to have some real-superheroes visit us. Jack the sniffer dog came with them and showed us how clever he is. 

Our Real-life Superhero visitors

Our Superhero Pants 😃

We had some visitors in Year 1

Ask us about number bonds 😃

Welcome to a our Year 1 page


Welcome to Year 1's class page.  We will be using this page to share our news and learning with everyone at home.  We hope you will enjoy logging on and checking out what we have been up to at school.  We are all very excited about our first topic 'Superheroes'. Look out for some super-fun photos coming soon.



Superted Season 1 Episode 01 Superted And The Stolen Rocket Ship

We will be writing about this guy in our first half-term. Hope you enjoy watching the first episode.