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Wk beg- 15-3-21

Spellings to be tested Thursday 18th March

















Wednesday 17th March- Learning for today consists of Maths, English, Topic and PSHE. 


Maths today is problem solving and reasoning, using division and multiplication methods. 


English- Writing an opening paragraph for our story, using Show not tell sentences. 


Topic- We are completing the topic from yesterday. 


PSHE- We are celebrating difference, discussing how we could deal with discrimination and talking about how we could be responsible global citizens. 

Tuesday 16th March- Please find the learning for today below. We have PE this afternoon in school- you can find some athletic ideas cards below.


Maths is addition and subtraction when problem solving. 


Reading- Go on Bug Club or read your own book


English- Using 'Show not tell' sentences. This is where you describe a character's actions to show feelings, instead of saying exactly how the character is feeling. There are examples on the sheet. 


Topic- Investigating natural resources, what they are used for and how some natural resources are specific to the Arctic. These can be found on Dojo

Monday 15th March- I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend :-) 


Maths- please choose a few of the questions from the booklet below. 


Reading- Go on Bug Club


English- Look at the model and identify features of a good narrative. Our story is going to be set in a Frozen kingdom- can you identify the phrases that would need to be changed?


Topic- Research the natural resources found in the Arctic and Antarctica.