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What We Are Learning

Week beginning 17th July

Here we are Year 6...the week of Leavers' Service! As well as lots of exciting school events (reward afternoon, attendance party, reading rewards) we will be carrying on getting ready for our Leavers' Service with rehearsals.


Week beginning 10th July

Well there's lots happening this week isn't there? Some of you are on transition days for part of the week whilst he rest of us finish off our own pages from our end of Year reports and do some work down at Pleasley Orchard. Then we will get chance to produce our own KoDu video games. From Thursday, we will be starting to put together everything that we need for Leaver's Service!


Week beginning 3rd July

It's going to be quiet in Year 6 this week with 15 children out at their new secondary schools! For the rest of us, we will be working on a project to design, advertise and create our very own computer game. We'll be carrying out some consumer research, some game design and releasing our game for the school to review!


Week beginning 26th June

This week, we will be getting ready for the Garden Party on Thursday afternoon by using our knowledge of ratio to make recipes. We will also be completing our raps, ready for the big Rap battle on Wednesday! We will be learning how to find our way around town in French and how to order food and drink.


Week beginning 19th June

Cross your fingers for sunshine; it's Sports Day on Monday! After that, it's time for the Rap battle - we'll be using a very famous storytelling rap to rap our own story f our time at Farmilo! We'll still be thinking about what makes us, 'us', as we explore the idea of nature vs. nurture in science. As well as this, we will be developing our Algebra skills in maths.


Week beginning 12th June

There's plenty going on this week! On Monday, we have a number of workshops being delivered on eSafety and helping us to understand some of the changes our bodies go through. On Wednesday, we have a theatre company coming in to join us for 'A Play in a Day' on the subject of 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle'. As well as this, a local artist is working with the school and, on Thursday, will teach us to produce some ceramics and on Friday, some of us are playing in a local cricket tournament! As well as all of this, we will be working on our estimation skills to solve some interesting mathematical problems and continuing to produce some fantastic pieces of writing.


Week beginning 5th  June

How would you make the world a better place? That's the focus this week as we read 'If the world were a village'. We will be writing our own speeches sharing our ideas of how we would make the world a better place. Mayor of Mansfield, Kate Allsop, will visit us to talk to us about writing speeches. On Friday, we will give our own speeches to families. As part of this, we will be using Pie Charts and Infographics to share our learning.


Week beginning 22nd May

What an exciting week we have ahead. After writing some superb story openings last week, this week Year 6 will be completing their versions of The Boy in The Dress. We will be continuing to explore religion in Nottinghamshire including finding out more about Sikhism. In maths, we will be refining our skills working with circles. And, as a reward for all of the hard work this year, Year 6 will be off to Nottingham to Mini Golf and for lunch!


Week beginning 15th May

This week, we begin writing our own versions of The Boy in the Dress. We will think about what it means to be 'us' and think about the ways in which we differ. We'll produce and interpret Pie Charts to represent the composition of our class. As well as this, we will be finding out about the religions which people worship in our area.


Week beginning 8th May

Lots of science this week Year 6, including a bit of a pongy experiment on Friday...more of that to follow! We'll be thinking about ourselves and how we can be classified.

There's also a party happening on Thursday afternoon, once we've finished the other things we're doing this week...but you know all about those :-)

Wishing you all a fantastic week - be the best that you can be.


Week beginning 2nd May

A slightly shorter week this week with the Bank Holiday, but still lots going on!

In Maths, we will be focusing on our arithmetic skills and also revisiting ordering and comparing fractions.

In topic, we will be continuing to think about what makes us, us! We will be editing our recipes and refining our persuasive skills.

On Friday, we are going to be being mindful as we head down to Pleasley Orchard for a walk and some time together as a class ahead of assessment week, the week after.

We hope everybody has a lovely Bank Holiday weekend! We will see you on Tuesday. 


Week beginning 24th April

This week, we are thinking about ourselves and what makes us unique based on the book 'The Boy in the Dress' by David Walliams. We will consider our individuality before devising recipes for 'how to make me me'! In maths, we will be working on our knowledge of fractions including conversion, ordering and simplifying. 


Week beginning 18th April

Welcome back to the Summer term!!!!!! Sunny days, blue skies and lots of fab learning.

This week, we will be thinking about the Disney Pixar film 'Inside Out'...they have given emotions personalities and characters, so we will be asking 'What if punctuation had a personality?' and this will help us produce some very creative writing!

Our maths will focus on work on word problems and shape, interpreting the steps needed to fully solve a word problem and also calculating angles and area.


Week beginning 27th March

As we head towards the Easter Holiday, we will be thinking about shape in maths this week as we draw 2D shapes to fit given dimensions and investigate area and volume.

We will be working towards our D.A.R.E Graduation on Wednesday, off to the theatre on Tuesday to 'be brilliant', have our Easter Service on Monday and produce some of our writing on the theme of Easter through poetry.


Week beginning 20th March

A very exciting week this week! On Monday, we will learn more about human evolution and how we have evolved to our current form...then we will think about what the future may hold for humans! Then it's Lea Green Tuesday to Thursday for most of Y6 whilst those of us not going will be doing a big project about Comic Relief, ahead of Red Nose Day on Friday!


Week beginning 13th March

THREE fantastic weeks so far this half term and into our fourth! Super proud of Year 6!

This week we will be developing our understanding of angles, coordinates and translation. We will be measuring angles inside shapes before moving on to finding missing angles in triangles.  We will also be plotting different locations around school on a coordinates grid. We will be completing our Pokemon adventure stories, describing action in an excitement and imaginative way. We will also be finding out about inherited characteristics and (a week after Crufts) how Best in Breed can become Best in Show!


Week beginning 6th March

2 fantastic weeks so far this half term Year 6 and here we go with our third! This week, our maths learning will focus on our knowledge of time, especially converting between 12 and 24 hours and minutes into hours e.g. how many hours and minutes is 444 minutes? Our topic will continue to explore Evolution whilst, in writing, we will be developing the second part of our story.

Spellings will be testing a range of the rules we have used throughout the year, so please use the spellings listed on this page as a revision aid.


Week beginning 27th February

This week, we will be starting to write the openings to our adventure story about our Pokemon, exploring how we can balance a range of sentence structures. In maths, our focus will be algebra, including finding numbers which satisfy different rules e.g. if a+b=c and c=6, what could a and b be?

Our topic learning will focus on how different species evolve through both natural and artificial selection.

Spellings will be testing a range of the rules we have used throughout the year, so please use the spellings listed on this page as a revision aid.


Week beginning 20th February

DARWIN'S DELIGHTS is our new topic and we begin by finding out about the journey of HMS Beagle. We will find out about the theory of natural selection, including learning about the population of black and white-bodied peppered moths during The Industrial Revolution. In maths, we will be revisiting negative numbers, using them in context and calculating with them across zero.

Spellings will be testing a range of the rules we have used throughout the year, so please use the spellings listed on this page as a revision aid.


Week beginning 6th February

This week, it's Health and Safety week at school. We will be thinking about all the ways that we can lead healthy and safe lives; this includes Safer Internet Day on Tuesday and a number of visitors speaking to us about different areas of healthy lives.

As it's the last week of half-term, there will also be a big spell, practising all of the rules we have learnt this half-term.


Week beginning 30th January

What an exciting and special week ahead; our restaurant opens on Friday so we had better get ready. This week will have a lot of Business skills involved: advertising, management, administration, profit margins, weights and ratio, food hygiene, recipes, instructions, web design...where do we stop?! We are excited to open our restaurants to parents on Friday and can't wait to see you all then.


Spellings – to be tested on Thurs 2nd Feb

Homophones  (continued)

Remember the context of the sentence is important to help you know which is meant.

They were lost in the desert

The chocolate dessert was delicious.

He finished the first draft of his writing.

The open window let in a draught of air!

The broken-down train was stationary.

She could not write without her stationery.


Week beginning 23rd January

This week, we will be completing our own short stories from Holes, writing about a character we've created and a series of events which happen to them at Camp Green Lake.

In Maths we will be extending our knowledge of fractions as we learn to recognise or find the equivalence between fractions, decimals and percentages.

We will also be making our Day of the Dead masks and beginning to plan for our Mexican restaurant, which is open on Friday 3rd February from 1:15-3:00pm (details to follow).


Spellings – to be tested on Thurs 26th Jan

Homophones  (continued)

Remember the context of the sentence is important to help you know which is meant.

They walked down the aisle

I visited the Isle of Wight.

He sang the song aloud.

You are not allowed to use a calculator!

The film has cool special effects.

The weather may affect our plans.

Week beginning 16th January

Lots of our learning this week will have a science focus as we learn about light and shadows and relate this to El Castillo in Mexico which has a very special property related to light and shadows. In maths, we will be continuing to master the skills needed to calculate with fractions. D.A.R.E continues this week as well!


Spellings – to be tested on Thurs 19th Jan

Homophones and words which are easily confused! Nouns end –ce and verbs end –se e.g. I am giving you some advice. I advise you to rest.







Week beginning 9th January

This week we are off to The Glazey Place and Chiquito for a fantastic trip. We will be painting our tiles and off for a sampler menu lunch at Chiquito, to taste some Mexican food before writing our own reviews of the food we tasted! This will help us to prepare for running our own restaurant in a couple of weeks' time.

Our maths learning will be all around fractions, including simplifying and adding and subtracting with fractions. In topic, we will think about the Geography of Mexico. We also begin D.A.R.E this week!

Spellings – to be tested on Thurs 12th Jan

Words with silent letters; Some letters which are no longer sounded used to be sounded hundreds of years ago: e.g. in knight, there was a /k/ sound before the /n/, and the gh used to represent the sound that ‘ch’ now represents in the Scottish word loch!







Week beginning 4th January

Happy New Year and welcome back!

This is a short week, beginning with a whole day with Partake Theatre, during which we will get to know more about the Mayans! We will begin to read Holes by Louis Sachar, which is our core text. In English, we will be writing instructions for how to play Pok-a-Tok whilst, in maths, we will be practicing using written arithmetic methods.


Week beginning 12th December

What a busy week ahead; Christmas play performances, a Carol Service and singing at Magnolia House! On top of all of that, we will be creating our very own Farmilo Christmas adverts with Year 3!

This week is the big end of term spelling quiz; spellings from all of the weeks will feature in this week's test and, don't forget, on Friday morning your home learning is due in to share ahead of our party day! Mrs. Ferry and I can't wait to see all of your creations for this half-term's topic.


Week beginning 5th December

This week we are going to be imagining we are back in the 1940s and writing out own diary entries from Goodnight Mister Tom. It's also Hour of Code, so we will be working on our programming skills. 

We will be continuing our problem solving learning in Maths.

As well as this, we are preparing for our own Christmas performances, working on our singing and acting. It's not long until curtains up! We will be creating Christmas cards and calendars ready for Christmas!


Spellings – to be tested on Thurs 8th December

Letter string -ough







Week beginning 28th November's here! What a special week it's going to be. On Wednesday, the book is launched!! We will be doing lots to prepare for the book launch including making adverts and rehearsing our reading with intonation.

In maths, we will be applying our addition and subtraction skills in word problems.

We are also off to Magnolia House to be evacuees for the morning including singing songs for the residents.

AAAAAAAAND.....on Friday, Matt Arnold is joining us to help us make Willow Lanterns in preparation for the Community Carol singing next month.


Spellings – to be tested on Thurs 1st December

i before e? or ie?

i before e except after c when the sound is ‘ee’ receive, deceive.

Pupils must also know some common exceptions.

Extra practise of the same rule this week.








Week beginning 21st November.

This week we will be performing at Cool Choirs so there will be lots of music going on in Year 6 as we practice our WW2 Songs.

We will be reading poems written during WW2 and will be turning these into Blackout poetry. We will find out about The Battle of Britain and some of the key events and aircraft involved.

In Maths, we will be using our knowledge of inverse operations and reasoning to help us solve addition and subtraction problems.



Spellings – to be tested on Thurs 24th November

i before e?

i before e except after c when the sound is ‘ee’ receive, deceive.

Pupils must also know some common exceptions.








Week beginning 14th November

This week we will be writing our own newspaper reports about the outbreak of World War 2. We will also be finding out about some of the major events which took place throughout the war such as The Normandy Landings and The Blitz.

In maths, we will be learning how to convert between standard units of measure including calculating the distances between key locations in World War 2 and converting the mass of different ingredients in ration recipes.

This week we will also be going to plant trees at Pleasley Community Orchard. It is also Anti-Bullying Day on Thursday and Children in Need on Friday!

Children in Need website link.


Week beginning 7th November

This week we are beginning to create our own Newspapers to reflect the stories and events at the outbreak of World War 2. Don't forget your all-important home learning on Monday; to summarise a news story you have gathered. We will find out more about rationing, including tasting some of the recipes which you may have been making for dinner during World War 2. In maths, we will be investigating the differences between area, perimeter and volume applying this to some learning about World War 2 shelters.


Spellings – to be tested on Thurs 10th November

-ably or –ibly?

Often -ably if there’s a complete root word before it e.g consider à considerably, rely à reliably

Otherwise, usually –ibly! (sensible à sensibly is an exception word which must be learnt)







Week beginning 31st October

Our topic begins with the outbreak of World War 2 as we listen to Neville Chamberlain's announcement on the wireless. From here, we  will find out about the key events as World War 2 broke out as well as creating our own propaganda posters. In maths, we will be working on our calculation methods and making sure we are confident in these.


Week beginning 17th October

Our final week studying the Victorians begins with our final visit from Global Words and Ralph Stone to 'pitch' our Book! We will be finding out about William Morris and designing and creating our own printed wallpaper. In Maths, we will be creating our own Victorian themed word problems.

On Wednesday it is our Harvest Festival and on Thursday it is a Science Day. Spellings will be a Big Test of the Half Term, testing all of the spellings we've learnt this half-term so do check your planners.


Half-Term Spellings – big test of all of these on Thursday

-cious or –tious

-cial or -tial

-ant or –ent

-able or –ible

-r or –rr





























Week beginning 10th October

This week we will be focusing on the aspect of Victorian history which most interests us as individuals. We will devise our own non-fiction pages for the book to celebrate the interesting things we have learnt. Mr. Lindley will visit us to show us some Victorian artifacts. We are also off to watch The Ministry of Science!

In maths, we will solve problems using different operations.



Spellings – to be tested on Thurs 13th October

-fer suffixes

The rule tends to be to double the r if you stress (pronounce) it in the world e.g. referring.

It tends to be one r if you don’t stress it in the word e.g reference.







Week beginning 3rd October.

This week we will be writing the end to our stories! We will then begin researching and finding out about the aspects of Victorian life which interest us most and writing non-fiction pieces about them!

We will find out who Thomas Edison was and will be performing a range of experiments around Electricity!

In maths, we will use our multiplication skills to help us begin to solve long-division problems. 


Week beginning 26th September

This week we are carrying on writing our stories. We will be focusing on the middle of the stories, thinking about how we can balance the action and speech, engaging our reader and making sure the story joins together. We will find out more about the Industrial Revolution as we continue to learn about the Mills in the Vale.

In maths, we will be carrying on with formal written methods of multiplication and we will also be producing a map of Pleasley Vale to accompany our stories!