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What we are learning this week

Week 5 30th November 


Well its beginning to look alot like Christmas !!  This week we are going to be doing a few observations of the children as it is the beginning of our assessment weeks. The topic has noe finished and we are preparing for all things Christmassy :) 

We will be decorating our tree and getting the Blue and Yellow Group ADVENT calendars out.




This will include the introduction of P and revision of s, a, and t 

The actions for these sounds are 

Ssss snake 

Aaaaa aichoo

Tttt tip tap 


Our new sound P is Pppppp Pirate Pete 

The children will be guessing the objects that begin with this sound and watching Geraldine find P objects in her house 






Number Learning Week 5 

This week our group times will be spent practicing counting objects 1 to 1 . We will practice touching the objects and saying the number name as we count.

The children will learn that the final number is the one that represents the amount. 


We will be counting all sorts of things inside and out. 


Ideas for home      

5 little ducks with numbers to 5 

Ask " How any do we have ?" Count them together 

Sing the song " 5 little Ducks" each time the duck goes away count how many left.


Play hide and seek taking it in turn to count to 10. 


Counting small objects in Egg Boxes 

Ask "  How many things can we put in here ?"  Count together.

Give a few objects (up to 6 ) and ask your child to put them into the spaces in the box and then count.

Repeat with other amounts. 






Week 4 23rd November  2020


We have a space theme this week in topic learning as the owl in our story meets an astrologer.

The children will be making star pictures by using sponges to make star shapes onto black paper, they will also design, make and decorate a telescope. Letter shape will be practiced on Alphabet Rockets and Moon Sand explored for texture and sensory development. 


Week 4 Phonics 


The children will revise the sounds already introduced including their action and sparkle mark rhyme these are  S and a 

The new sound for this week is t and so we will be watching the story that accompanies this on StoryTime Phonics and learning the new action and rhyme. 


Our favorite Giraffe Geraldine will show us some of the things that she finds in her house beginning with t .




Weel 4 Numbertime  ..... Big and Little 


In our Number group time we will be learning about size. 

We will begin by going outside to look for things that are big eg the climbing frame and things that are small eg a pine cone. We will then compare them and learn our new song. 


Week 3 16th November 


This week we will be finishing the story. We will be thinking  about bedtime routines like having a bath, brushing our teeth, putting PJ's on :) There will be bedtime stories in the Reading Area, soap and bubble bath in the Water Tray and later in the week we will be having hot chocolate and marsh mellows ... yum :) 


Phonics Learning 16th  November 

This week we will be recapping the S sound and A sound . The children will be comparing the sounds  and sorting objects into sorting hoops.

The Phonics Fairy story will help us to learn the rhyme that supports the children with the formation of these letter shapes are ..... 

S .... Take Jake the Snake around the Lake 

a ....  Follow the fly all the way around, up, down and flick him away 


Whiteboards will be used for practice alongside tuff trays with sand, glitter and paint brushes.


Practice with your child saying the rhyme whilst writing the letter shape. 


Number Learning  16th November 

This week we will be singing 1 2 Buckle my Shoe   Asking the children to show their fingers to match the amount 


We are also  looking for numbers in the environment like on the clock face

We have photographs of buses, boats and speed dials to spot the numbers and say the number names 



Week 2  9 th November 




This week we will be learning key 5 key facts about Owls :) We are counting owls and making them. 

We will be using natural resources to make our own Plop from the story and pouring , filling and emptying different sized containers with bird seed. 

On Wednesday we will be making poppies and on Friday having a Diwali party to celebrate the Hindu 

festival of light. 

Phonics Learning 9th November 

This week we will be recapping the S sound and introducing a . The rhymes to support the children with the formation of these letter shapes are ....

S .... Take Jake the Snake around the Lake 

a ....  Follow the fly all the way around, up, down and flick him away 


Practice with your child saying the rhyme whilst writing the letter shape. 



Number Learning  9th November 


This week we are reciting numbers to 5 and then 10 in order and selecting a small number of objects from a group .... EG " Can you pass me 3 sausages " 


Nursery Ryhme is 5 little speckled frogs 


Week 1  Monday 2 nd of November 

 Topic ....  We will listen to the first part of our new story ( and title of our Topic ) The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark. The children will contribute to our display by helping to make Plop the baby owl using hand prints for feathers . They will also make their own Plop using resources from our Creative Area. 


To celebrate bonfire night the children will make firework paintings by blowing paint through straws and construct their own firework. 


Remember if your child has had a birthday in September or October we will celebrate this on Friday 6th November with cake and a dance xxx

Phonics Learning  02.11.20


We will be introducing the sound S this week and finding objects that begin with this sound. We will also have a go at writing S in lots of different ways :) 



Number Learning 


We have been singing Nursery Rhymes with numbers and counting to 10 this week.


Weeks 5th and 12th of October 



In Nursery we are listening to and making sounds with our bodies. We played sound games and learned routines with body sounds. We watched Ollie form " Beat goes on" on CBeebies and had a go at joining in to his body percussion routine. 


Follow the link below to have a go at home :) You can have a go at part 2 too !!




Ollie from 'Beat Goes On' teaching Body Percussion on CBeebies' 'Let's Go Club!'

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

We have also been learning 2 of our core Nursery Rhymes Miss Polly had a Dolly and Humpty Dumpty :)

Topic Learning 


The Naughty Bus tipped over the dinner plate with baked beans and chips. We will be having our own Beans on Toast but try not to tip them over !! 

The children are making their own place mat and healthy dinner plate too. We have spaghetti in a tough spot ready to paint and dough to make into our favourite foods. 


Thursday 15th we are having a dress up Halloween day with spooky activities all day .


We have really enjoyed our first few weeks in Nursery :) All our wonderful new children are settling in nicely and we have been getting to know them all and having fun playing, exploring and learning. 

We have now embarked upon this terms Topic " The Naughty Bus " , the learning for next week is outlined below ....



W/C 28th September 2020



We will be carrying on learning to listen to sounds. Last week we listened to the sounds around us and the sounds that instruments make. This week we are listening to the sounds that we can make with our voices, reading a rhyming book and doing some oral blending and segmenting. The latter of these involves us playing a mystery object game , sounding out the names of the objects eg c-a-t .



During our Play to Learn time we will carry on saying number names in order and counting objects eg plates in the home corner.

We will use simple language to compare quantities too ... eg more , less, alot etc



Naughty Bus Topic

*Messy classroom 

*Make a messy squiggly monster

*Rice crispy tea party

*Bus Station Role Play area