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What we are learning this week


We have really enjoyed our first few weeks in Nursery :) All our wonderful new children are settling in nicely and we have been getting to know them all and having fun playing, exploring and learning. 

We have now embarked upon this terms Topic " The Naughty Bus " , the learning for next week is outlined below ....



W/C 28th September 2020



We will be carrying on learning to listen to sounds. Last week we listened to the sounds around us and the sounds that instruments make. This week we are listening to the sounds that we can make with our voices, reading a rhyming book and doing some oral blending and segmenting. The latter of these involves us playing a mystery object game , sounding out the names of the objects eg c-a-t .



During our Play to Learn time we will carry on saying number names in order and counting objects eg plates in the home corner.

We will use simple language to compare quantities too ... eg more , less, alot etc



Naughty Bus Topic

*Messy classroom 

*Make a messy squiggly monster

*Rice crispy tea party

*Bus Station Role Play area