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What We Are Learning in Y4



Maths - Revision of number facts 


English - We will be writing a narrative on the Yeti frown


Topic - Features of mountains



Maths - plotting points on a grid and drawing sides to complete different shapes.


English - a recount of Year Four


Topic - 3D model mountain designs


Maths - children will be describing positions, plotting points and using coordinates on a grid. 

English - we will be writing a diary in the character of an Adi Tribe member. We will research about the mountain tribes and use role play to get into character. 

Topic - we will be researching the different types of mountain formations and choosing one type of mountain to make a 3-d clay model 


Maths: We will be comparing and classifying shapes before moving on to symmetry.

English: We are going to write a mountain poem.

Topic: We will begin our new topic, Misty Mountain Sierra. 


Maths- measuring problems

English- we will be writing a spell in the style of the Macbeth witches.....

Topic- a trip to Harry Potter World..... And following a potion to make bath bombs! 


Maths: we will look at solving problems involving money and measure.


English: we are going to write instructions for our own foul potions! 


Topic: we will continue writing our own algorithms, make bath bombs and follow potions to bend bones. 



Maths - we will carry on with area and perimeter and converting between different units of measure. 


English - we are writing an alternative ending for Harry Potter.


Topic - we will be researching the history of potions and making our own love hearts. 



Maths - we will be calculating the perimeter and area of different shapes.


English - we are creating our own character to star in our Harry Potter narrative.


Topic - we will finish our potion bottles and explore particles in solids, liquids and gases.


Maths - we will be focusing on our mental maths strategies


English - we will be writing a setting description for a Harry Potter scene.


Topic - we are starting our new 'Potions' topic. We will be having an Alice in Wonderland day including a treasure hunt and a tea party, we will be designing and making our own potion bottles and we will be testing the rate at which different liquids flow. 



Maths: we will continue our work on decimals and fractions


English: we will be inventing our own healthy snack and writing a persuasive text to persuade the teachers to try their snack


Topic: we will be researching good toilet habits and trying to answer - How do burps occur?




Maths - we will be moving on to decimals. Children will explore how a number changes in value when dividing by ten or a hundred and also will be writing decimal equivalents to fractions. 


English - we will be writing our our 'disgusting digestions' explanation text.


Topic - we will be exploring the digestion system and researching good toilet habits!



Maths - we will be solving problems around fractions


English - writing a fantasy narrative about food going through the digestion process 


Topic - we will begin to research how our bodies digest food



Maths- we will continue with our fraction work and solving problems involving fractions.


English- we will be writing a personification poem about a decaying tooth. 


Topic- we are going to investigate the purpose of saliva and the different functions of the teeth. frown



Maths - we will start our fractions unit. Children will be identifying and investigating equivalent fractions.


English - we will be making an information leaflet for dental patients.


Topic - we will start our new topic 'Burps, Bottoms and Bile!' We will be learning how to cook healthy snacks and have a visit from a local dentist to teach us how to look after our teeth!



Maths- we are continuing to interpret and present data using tables and graphs.


English - we will finish our two week topic on magazine articles and children will write their article about their chosen artist!


Topic - we will be investigating how sounds change over distance. We will also begin to write our own song for our Class Factor parents' event frown 



Maths - we are moving on to looking at how to collect, interpret and present data using appropriate graphical methods.


English - we are starting our 2 week unit on writing magazine articles. We will be writing an article for a 'famous' music magazine on their chosen artist. 


Topic - we will begin to design and create different musical instruments.



Maths - time word problems


English - continuing our silent movie narratives. Children will create a character and a plot then during a Big Write session will be writing their narrative.


Topic - children will start filming the first scene from their silent movie using the IMovie app. Children will also explore how sound travels and how hard our ears work!



Maths - we are continuing to read, write and convert between 12-hour and 24-hour analogue and digital clocks. We will also be solving problems involving converting between days, weeks, months and years.


English - we are starting a 2 week unit on silent movies. Children will watch some short silent movies and we will also be acting them out. At the end of the two weeks, children will be writing their own silent movie narrative.


Topic - We will be looking at different instruments and the sounds they produce. In Science, we will be creating visible vibrations using different techniques. 



Maths - We will start our unit on time and look at converting between analogue and digital clock.


English - We are reading the poem 'The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough and then collecting sounds from our school and creating our own poems.


Topic - Children will be introduced to their new 'Playlist' topic. We will be exploring different sounds in an orchestra, making marks for different music genres in the style of artists such as Klee and Kandinsky and we will also be investigating the volume of different sounds through Science. 



Maths - multiplying two and three digit numbers by a one digit number.


English - writing a historical narrative. 


Topic - creating a web page based on Vikings, creating traditional charms. 







Maths - solving multiplication problems and puzzles.


English - we will be writing Kenning poems all about the Vikings. 


Topic - children will be researching about the Vikings and their invasions and creating rune stones!