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What We Are Learning In Y3

Week beginning 4.7.16

A very exciting week for Year 3 as we have 2 visitors coming in this week.  I don't want to spoil the surprise so I'm just going to say we will be thinking about how Pleasley has changed over the years and looking at some beautiful photographs taken very close to this space!

Week beginning 20.6.16

English - We're going to be writing some free verse poetry this week.  We'll be looking at the poem 'Last Night I Saw the City Breathing' by Andrew Fusek Peters.

Maths - We will be ordering numbers to 1000 and looking at some missing number sequences this week.

Topic - We'll be continuing to do some programming in Scratch Jr and looking at the difference between a light source and a light reflector in science.  

Don't forget, it's sports day on Wednesday so please make sure PE kits are in all week.

We're starting our new topic this week, Urban Pioneers.  It's an art topic and we will be creating some awesomely cool art work over the next few weeks.  Can't wait to show it to you :)

Week beginning 13.6.16

English - We will be creating leaflets for our favourite places to visit.  We will be bringing home a survey for you to help us fill in about how we use our local towns

Maths - We will be analysing the results of our survey and starting to apply multiplication and division in problems

Topic - Monday morning, we are going to walk to Pleasley to look at some of the local buildings, businesses and services and see if we can find some urban art.  It looks like it's going to rain so please wear a waterproof coat. 

Week beginning 7.6.16

This week we will be celebrating The Queen's 90th Birthday and preparing for our Garden Party. Please come along to our stall if you like flapjack or want to pin the crown on The Queen. Our decade is the 80s so get the leg warmers out and come and join us on Wednesday afternoon.

week beginning 23.5.16

Mostly topic this week - For our last week, we will be making smoothies for our Innovate Project and finishing off our work on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Week beginning 16.5.16

English - Exciting!  We're off to Cadbury World tomorrow so we'll definitely be doing lots of thinking, talking and writing about chocolate.  We're also going to be doing some persuasive writing this week.

Maths - We will be working on problems involving money this week.  We are going to be looking at comparing prices so get ready for some questions when you're doing the weekly shop.

Topic - We will be following up from the visit by learning about The Aztecs and chocolate.  Also, we'll be creating a new exotic fruit and making packaging for it.

Week beginning 9.5.16

English - We will be continuing our work on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by writing our own chapter based on a new character

Maths - We start working on measures this week, so expect us to come home and start weighing and measuring everything!

Topic - We'll be looking at how our food is packaged and creating our own packaging for an exciting product that we will be making later on in the week.

Week beginning 3.5.16

English - We have been reading 'Charlie and the Chocolate factory' in school and loving it.  This week, we will be getting to know the book and its characters a little better.

Maths - We're finishing off all things shape related this week, including turning by right-angles, parallel and perpendicular lines.

Topic - We'll be trying out a printing technique to produce some fruit prints and matching our foods to the countries they come from.

Week beginning 25.4.16

English - We'll be writing our own wacky recipes, starting with 'How to make a great teacher' and yes, I am a little worried!

Maths - 3D shapes.  I love this topic as they're all around us and we can spot them everywhere, so expect some 3D spotting this week. 

Topic - We will be experimenting with bread this week, baking and tasting! :)

Welcome back for the Summer term.  Our first topic is 'Scrumdiddlyumptious' which is all about food, glorious food!  We'll be finding out where our food comes from, sketching and tasting food as well as learning all about my favourite, chocolate :)

Week beginning 18.4.16

English Tomorrow afternoon, we're hoping to walk to Tesco to look at and buy some food.  Before we can do that, we need to write some questions to be answered while we're there.  The rest of the week, we'll be working towards writing a recount of our visit.

Maths We'll be starting a new topic on shape and angles tomorrow, so our homework will link to that.

Topic We will be sketching some of the food we buy on the Tesco visit as well as sorting it into food groups.

Week beginning 29.3.16 - Only 4 days to go!

English - We've earned some reward time to watch the film that goes with our topic book, 'The Sheep Pig', so we'll be watching 'Babe' and doing some work around it.

Maths - We'll be using our reasoning skills on some Big Solves.

Topic - Tomorrow's a science day so we'll be investigating how trees transport water and how fossils are formed.


Week beginning 21.3.16

English - This week we will be learning some language techniques to add into a speech to make it more persuasive.  We will be delivering those speeches to our friends later on in the week so please ask us to practise on you.

Maths - We will be revisiting fractions to cover a few areas we missed, namely, tenths and adding fractions of the same denominator.

Topic - This is the week we have been waiting for as our exciting visitors will be descending on us Wednesday morning.  A falconry expert will be flying his birds (in the hall :o) for us to see some predators up close :)  We're also hoping to complete a predator computer game on Kodu.

Week beginning 14.3.16

English - We're gong to be writing our own Haikus this week.  It's a Japanese poem with 5,7,and 5 syllables.  Have a go, it's quite hard!I've been trying it:

Predators this term

I love lots of animals

But Betty's the best

Maths - We'll be learning to do short division this week, the method mums & dads know, so some help at home would be great.

Topic - We'll be looking at aquatic predators this week and making our own 'Deadly 60' style report.


Week beginning 7.3.16

English - We will be continuing with our dilemma story this week.  We have planned the outline but will be looking at the opening, build up, dilemma, resolution and endings in much more detail this week.

Maths - We are starting a 2-week block on division bu will be looking at it along side multiplication which we worked on last half-term.

Topic - Animal food is the focus for this week.  We'll be examining what different animals eat and what it contains.  We will also be sketching birds in flight and thinking about what they see from the air.

Week beginning 29.2.16 (Leap day :))

English - We will be writing dilemma stories for the next two weeks.  If you want to get ahead of the game, watch Pixar's 'One Man Band' on You tube.

Maths - We're doing really well on time but please keep practising.  This week we will be looking at the times of our school day and some time problems.  

Topic - This afternoon, we will be conducting an experiment to show us how liquid flows through plants.  We will also be learning about food chains.

And of course...Shakespeare day on Thursday! 


Week beginning 22nd February 2016

English - This week, we will be doing lots of research as a start to our new topic.  We will be researching predators and their prey an as many facts and figures as we can find out about them.  We will be using this information to make our own Top Trump cards and an informative Power Point presentation to share with our friends.

Maths - We are starting a 2-week topic on time, so if any of the children have a watch, now is a good time to wear it to help practise our skills.

Topic - We'll be looking at lots of scientific terms this week and naming different parts of animal and human skeletons.

Week beginning 8.2.16

It's a funny last week with Chinese New Year on Monday, Safer Internet Day on Tuesday, Science Day on Thursday and INSET day on Friday, so it won't be a normal curriculum week but we will be learning lots during these exciting themed days.  Our Mighty Metals topic has been leading us up to our Innovate Project, so we will be making Robots every spare minute and we would love you to join us on Thursday at 3pm to come in and see them.


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