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What We Are Learning in FS2

Week commencing 26th June 2017

Topic - We found bread in The Magical Story Box today. So we'll be looking at different types of bread and learning how it is made. It's the Garden Party on Thursday so expect to see our homemade fudge on our stall :)

Phonics - Continuing trigraphs this week with air and ure.

Maths - We'll be practising weights and measures through making our fudge.


Week  commencing 19th June 2017

Topic - THE MAGICAL STORY BOX has some flour inside this week as The Little Red Hen has has ground the wheat to make flour.  We will be practising our actions for last week to help us learn the story. We will also be practising for our play after we have finished our Sports Day on Tuesday.

Phonics - We are continuing with our digraph and trigraph practice. This week it is ow, ear, air and ure. 

Week commencing 12th June 2017

Topic - THE MAGICAL STORY BOX contains seeds this week so we will be looking at, holding and even tasting seeds this week.  We will be planting seeds and making seed art.  

Maths - We will be pushing ourselves this week with some problem solving and looking at place value for numbers to 30.  During the day, we will be checking the clock to find our what we're doing at different times of the day.

Phonics - We're continuing to practise and apply our digraphs this week.

Don't forget your PE kit for outside because we will be practising for Sports Day if the rain keeps off :)

Week commencing 5th June 2017

Topic - THE LITTLE RED HEN is coming to Farmilo... We're very excited about our new topic.  We'll be serving and buying fruit and vegetables in our farm shop, writing our questions about who this hen could be and what she might need and working out all the quantities of ingredients needed for some excellent bread.  Parents can also look forward to the performance of our little play at the end of term...we'd better get practising! :))

Week commencing 22nd May 2017

Topic - As it's the last week, we will be preparing for our visit to WHEELGATE talking about what to expect and writing invitations to our friends.

Phonics - Revisiting oo (in book and look) and ar (in park and dark)

Maths - Again revisiting, this week it's number bonds.

For example, number bonds to 5 are 0+5, 1+4, 2+3, 3+2, 4+1 and 5+0

Week commencing 15th May 2017

Topic - The exotic fruit of the Flum Flum tree is inside The Magical Story Box this week so we will be looking at some exciting fruit and writing about the smoothies we made last week.

Maths - We will be weighing and measuring all those fruit, as well as most other things in the classroom.

Phonics - We're revisiting oo (in book) and oo (in moon) this week so we will be using spoons to have a good look at our fruit!

Week commencing 8th May 2017

Topic - The Isle of Blowyernose awaits the children inside The Magical Storybox this week and they will be exploring their ideas for an ideal desert island hideaway.

Phonics - We will be revisiting digraphs ee and igh (I think Old McDonald might be sung!)

Maths - We will be applying our shape knowledge to make pictures of boats and 3D island models.

Week commencing 2nd May 2017

Topic - Sharks! :o The Magical Story Box contains boats and sharks this week so we're a bit worried about Jack and his voyage.  Let's hope we can find out enough about sharks this week to help him on his way.

Phonics - We'll be revisiting ng  and ai to make sure we know them inside out.

Maths - It's sharing this week so you can try doing some equal sharing at home to support your child. 

Week commencing 24th April 2017

Topic - THE MAGICAL STORY BOX holds a captain's hat, a boat and a treasure map so we must be off on an adventure!  Maps will play a big part in this week's learning.

Phonics - We'll be revisiting digraph sh and qu

Maths - We will be subtracting one number from another this week so be talking about 'taking away' and 'less' to help the children understand. Eg 10-4=6 so 20-4+16

Week commencing 13th March 2017

Topic- Black and white are having an argument this week so we'll be drawing in monochrome

Maths - Individual assessments

Phonics - We'll be learning oi, ow, air and ure this week

Week commencing 6th March 2017

Topic - The day the crayons quit - Blue week! There will be lots of blue in the unit and we shall be talking about why the blue crayon has left. We will be looking at Kandinsky's circle work. 


Phonics - Individual Assessments 


Number learning - Individual Assessments

Week commencing 27th February 2017

Phonics - We are continuing digraphs (2 letters that make one sound) starting with oa (boat, float, goat)

Maths - WE are continuing part. part, whole this week. Eg 5 and 5 together, makes 10

Topic - Yellow and Orange are having a disagreement this week and of course, we will be making and eating pancakes :)

Week commencing 20th February 2017

Phonics - We're continuing with digraphs ai (train, gain, Spain) and igh (night, right, flight).  

Maths - Addition and subtraction using the bar model this week, also (aiming high) recognising numbers to 30 :)

Topic - THE MAGICAL STORY BOX holds a new story this week... THE DAY THE CRAYONS QUIT and we can't wait to explore all things RED

We'll be writing about the red crayon, so you can be thinking about what it might draw, what shape it is and how it feels and smells

Week Commencing 7th February 2017


Safety Awareness Week

We have lots of visitors this week to talk to us about staying safe. 

St Johns will be teaching us first aid through "Bertie and friends'.

The NSPCC will be talking to us about children being heard and speaking out if something is not right.

There will be assemblies from the E-safety team, Fire Brigade, Police and A&E informing us about how they keep us safe and what we can do to help them.

Week commencing 30th January 2017

Topic -  Oh no, THE MAGICAL STORY BOX is empty! Where could the Bog Baby have gone? We are going on an adventure to see if we can find him on our Welly Walk Wednesday.

Phonics - We're continuing digraphs with 'ng' in words such as song, hung, and thing. and 'nk' in words such as drink.

Maths - We're trying to master our teen numbers this week as well as learning 'one more' than a given number.

Week commencing 23rd January 2017

Topic - There's a doctor's coat and bag in THE MAGICAL STORY BOX this week so we hope there isn't something wrong with our Bog Baby.

Phonics - We're continuing digraphs with 'th' so you can talk about the 2 sounds that it makes in 'the' and 'three'.

Maths - We're trying to master our teen numbers this week.


Week commencing 16th January 2017

Topic - THE MAGICAL STORY BOX this week has some clues as to what THE BOG BABY needs to keep it healthy and happy.  We will be creating our own habitat for our bog babies during the week and writing letters from our bog baby to his mummy, telling her about his lovely home.

Maths - We're practising 1-20 this week to make sure we know our teen numbers as well as we know 1-10.

Phonics - We're starting on digraphs this week.  Our first ones will be sh and ch.

Week commencing 9th January 2017

Topic - How exciting...there is a mysterious creature inside THE MAGICAL STORY BOX this week.  We will be thinking about what this creature may be, where it may have come from, what it may eat and how we could design our own creatures to be its friend.

Phonics - We are continuing to practise blending and segmenting longer words this week.

Maths - Shape is going to be the basis for our mathematical thinking and exploration this week so you could look at some shapes in your homes to prepare.

Wednesday 4th January 2017

Today is POLITENESS DAY so get ready to practise your pleases and thank-yous, your table manners and treating everyone in Foundation with the politeness they deserve.

Thursday 5th January 2017

APPRECIATION DAY- let's make sure we let everyone know how happy we are about all the help they give us.  Our friends, family and teaching staff need to know how much we appreciate them.

Friday 6th January 2017

POSITIVITY DAY - Today we are going to shine with optimism as we think about all the amazing things we have in our lives and what a fantastic 2017 we can look forward to :}

Week commencing 5th December 2016

English- This week, we will be spending lots of time in our Santa's Workshop role play to give us ideas for writing our letters to father Christmas.

Topic - We will be rehearsing like mad to make sure our performances on Thursday are fabulous.  We look forward to seeing you then.

Maths - We will be making a Christmas box at the end of the week, so this will involve making nets of a cube, great for cutting skills.

Week commencing 21st November 2016

Phonics - We will be revising c,k,ck,e and u this week.  We are still practising blending and segmenting so hopefully the children will be using their robot arms a lot at home.

Maths - The teaching staff will be assessing the children's understanding of counting and adding in practical activities.

Topic - We have Professor Skywatch from a local observatory visiting us this week.  He will be setting the children a challenge, so expect to be looking skyward this week.  We will be making telescopes and training them on the heavens to observe the stars and planets. On Bugclub, I have allocated all the children a super game from CBeebies, which might help with this week's topic work.

Week commencing 7.11.16

Phonics We will be learning y & z plus adding s to nouns this week, to make plurals. E.g. Leg + s = legs, dog + s = dogs.

Maths We're starting addition by counting 2 groups of items and working out the total.

Topic What an exciting week. We have some owls visiting us on Wednesday so we will be writing about that as well as using our creative skills to make owls to display in our lovely classroom. Check out your BUG CLUB page to see a video to learn a bit about owls before then.

Week commencing 31.10.16

Phonics - This week we are learning j,v,w and x.  We need lots of practice blending cvc's so please practise words like vet,van,wet, jet etc

Number - Counting items that can be moved, starting at 5 and working up to 10.

Topic - Our new story is 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark', which covers lots of lovely celebrations of the season. THE MAGICAL STORY BOX had a hat, scarf & gloves and a rocket in, as we're learning lots about bonfire night.  The children will be taking orders in our bonfire cafe and making rockets & chocolate apples this week.

Week commencing 17.10.16

Phonics - This week we will be learning b, l and f.  The children will be doing sound hunts around the classroom and swatting the sounds with fly swatters.

Topic - The Naughty Bus will be visiting us this week (it's a real party bus so we hope you can join us) and we will be walking to church for Harvest Festival.  We will also be investigating how vehicles travel down hill and what makes them go more quickly or slowly.

Number - We will be counting the stairs on the naughty bus and singing our number fact songs.


Week commencing 10th October 2016


Phonics - Our letter sounds this week are e, u, r, and h ( don't forget to download the Jolly Phonics app) and our tricky words are 'look' and 'and'

Maths - We will be breaking 5 into 2 parts this week.  Eg 0+5, 1+4, 2+3, 3+2, 4+1, 5+0

Topic - That NAUGHTY BUS has fallen in the pond and broken down so we will be exploring lots of ways to recover and repair vehicles.  There is a great BUG CLUB book allocated to everyone to help support our learning too. We have two repair garages set up so we might be able to help if you have any problems with your car.  Please ask us about it :)


Week commencing 3.10.16

Phonics - We're learning o, g, c, k and ck this week and Dr Tricky will be teaching us the words 'here' and 'come' so please ask us how we remember those words as they pop up a lot in the PM books.

Maths - This week, we will be looking at 'a whole' and 'a part of the whole' as we start thinking about number bonds. For example, 2+3=5, 1+4=5, 0+5=5

Topic - The Naughty Bus has disappeared from THE MAGICAL STORY BOX and is causing havoc! We'll be spending the week hunting for him and there will be lots of opportunities to write about it :)


Week commencing 26.9.16

Phonics - We will continue to secure our use of S,A,T,P,I,N  We'll be blending to read words and segmenting to write them, also adding in M and D.  You can practise words like pin, pat, tin, mop, man, dog, dip

Maths - We will be using a number line, matching cards and counting real objects to make sure our understanding of 1-5 is totally secure.

Topic - Today we saw some toys come out of THE MAGICAL STORY BOX so we will be talking about our favourite toys.  Please ask us about our favourite toy and why we love it so much.


Week commencing 19th September 2016

Phonics - This week, we will be learning the letters S,A,T,P,I and N.  If you can download the 'Jolly Phonics' app, your child can listen to the songs we will be learning to help remember them.

Maths - We will be working on counting and matching objects.  We will be moving them to make sure we have counted correctly. We will be using number lines to count forwards and backwards.

Topic - An exciting week as we reveal what is inside THE MAGICAL STORY BOX for the first time.  Expect us to be talking about presents and a big party on Friday!

Week Commencing 12th September 2016


This week is Happiness Week! smiley  Lots of fun to be had by everyone!


Muddy Monday - prepare for lots of digging, planting and getting dirty! 


Bubbly Tuesday - involves bubbles everywhere! Blowing bubbles, washing the cars with bubbly water and making pictures with bubbles and paint.


Watery Wednesday - get ready to get wet! we shall be washing the floors, windows, doors outside and having water fights with pistols and water bombs.


Foamy Thursday - shaving foam will be everywhere! mixing it with paint, sand and play dough. Writing using our fingers and making foamy pictures. 


Fire and Ice Friday - we shall be holding ice and watching it melt. Cooking marshmallows over a tea light and eating them.