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What we are learning in F2 this week

Week commencing 23rd June 2019

Topic - We'll be learning all the lovely actions for our play this week and practising like mad!

Phonics - new digraphs ay and ow this week

Maths - We'll be practising weighing and comparing lots of items this week.

Week commencing 17th June 2019

Topic - This week, we will be preparing for our parents performance of our play, making masks, learning lines and songs.  We will be writing questions for the characters.

Phonics - We will be learning ee and or this week.

Maths - Halving this week.  We'll be sharing lots of things with a partner.

Week commencing 10th June 2019

Topic - We will be introducing our new topic book THE LITTLE RED HEN this week

Phonics - Recapping and applying our digraphs

Maths - Recapping doubling

Week commencing 3rd June 2019


Healthy Week - We'll be practising for sports day, learning about healthy foods, regular exercise and talking about the changes to the body when we exercise.


Week commencing 7th May 2019

Topic - Jack is going o his boat journey so we'll be changing the role play to a boat and looking for sharks.  We'll be making shark and creating a shark fact file.

Phonics - ee and or this week so stark practising your donkey moves.

Maths - 

Week commencing 22nd April 2019

Topic - Welcome to Summer 1 and we're very excited to start out new story JACK AND THE FLUMFLUM TREE. This week, we'll be meeting Jack's Grandma who is poorly with purple spots.  We'll be talking about the history of our own families, including our parents and grandparents. We'll be visiting Magnolia House and asking the residents about their memories.

Phonics - ar and er this week.

W/c 1st April 2019

It's APRIL FOOL'S DAY so look out for any trick today!

It's the last week before Easter.  We are visiting church for The Easter Experience on Wednesday morning so we'd love to take some parent volunteers with us :)

Also, our Parents' Event is Monday afternoon so please come along and see our Art Gallery Exhibition and join in with some art work of your own.

Thursday is disco day so that will be a home clothes day.

W/c 25th March 2019

Our parents'evenings are this week so if you don't know when your appointment is, please speak to your child's teacher.


Topic - It's the last week of THE COLOUR MONSTER and we'll be thinking about the colour green and how to calm ourselves when we are over-excited or upset. 

Phonics - We'll be learning the 2 pronunciations of oo this week ( oo in look and oo in moon)

Maths - We are revisiting adding 2 single digit numbers this week and we'll be moving onto taking away...Look out for TAKE AWAY TOM


W/c 18th March 2019

Mrs Hickling's BUG CLUB meeting will be after school on Tuesday 19th in F2

Topic  We'll be looking at purple and black this week and thinking about fear and what we need to do to stop us being frightened and who can help if we are.

Maths - Continuing maths assessments and looking at 1 more and 1 less

Phonics - Continued assessments.

W/c 11th March 2019

Topic- This week, THE COLOUR MONSTER is exploring his anger and learning about the colour RED.  WE will be talking abut how to calm ourselves and our friends when we feel angry, making ladybirds and mixing paint colours.  Our writing this week will be independent as part of our assessment week.  We won't be reading this week, due to our assessments, which we need to complete before Parents Meetings.

Phonics - We'll be meeting the naughty clowns who stick their tongues out and say 'th.  WE'll also be completing our phonics assessments.

Maths - In preparation for Parents' Meetings, we'll be completing maths assessments with all the children.

W/c 4th March 2019

Topic - This week, THE COLOUR MONSTER is feeling BLUE and we will be thinking about the things that make us sad.  We'll be talking about how it is ok to be sad sometimes but learning about how to help ourselves and our friends when they are feeling sad.

Phonics - ng and qu this week.

Maths - We'll be looking at the group of 10 in teen numbers.

W/c 25th February 2019

Topic - How exciting! The beginning of a new topic.  We'll be meeting THE COLOUR MONSTER this week, and we're going to be celebrating being happy by wearing yellow and making lots of lovely yellow things.  We'll be writing a recipe for a happy classroom too.

Maths - We're moving onto teen numbers this week so do plenty of counting to 20.

Phonics - We haven't quite mastered ch and sh yet, so we'll be practising them the week.

W/c 11th February 2019

Topic - Our last week with The Bog Baby :'( and we've working out that he needs to go home to his friends to make him healthy and happy so we will be walking down to Bluebell Forest (Pleasley Vale Woods) to see if we can find any clues about where he should be.  Please bring your Bog Baby with you.

Maths - We'll be making clocks this time to investigate TIME.  Can you please talk about the times of day when things happen, like getting up, having lunch, walking home and bed.

Phonics - We're excited to start the digraphs (2 letters that make 1 sound) that make a new sound.  Like sh and ch.

W/c 4th February

The Bog Baby has gone to hospital to try and recover so he's having a rest this week.  The good news is...It's CHINESE NEW YEAR on Tuesday so we will be immersing ourselves in Chinese culture.  Making lanterns, eating noodles with chopsticks and doing a dragon dance.

Maths - Repeating patterns this week, so expect some red blue green, red blue green homework ;)

Phonics - Finishing off the single letters this week and consolidating our cvc's (p-a-t, t-u-g, f-o-x) and moving onto ccvc's (S-t-o-p, f-r-o-m)

W/c 28th January 2019

Topic - Oh no! The Bog Baby is poorly and we need to investigate why.  The role play area is now a doctors'surgery so we can see the patient, give a diagnosis and write a prescription. 

Maths - Continuing shape, we'll be checking our understanding of the properties of 2 and 3D shape and comparing them.

Phonics - x and y, we don't use these very often so we'll be looking at where they occur and making x-ray pictures of our hands.


W/c 21st January 2019

Topic - The children will be talking about what their Bog Baby would need to be happy and healthy this week.  THE MAGICAL STORYBOX contains a home with a bed, table and chairs, mirror and food for its pet...what will your habitat contain?

Phonics - j, v and w this week.  Don't forget to practise the songs.

Maths - We'll be moving onto Shape, space and measure for the rest of the half term, starting with pattern.


W/c 14th January 2019

Topic - This week, we'll be reading our story and meeting the bog baby.  By the end of the week, everyone will have their own bog baby to bring home so we can't wait to show them off!

Phonics - d, h and r this week

Maths - More number bonds to 10.  If you want to help your child, you could sing the Jack Hartman Numberbonds to 10 song on You Tube.

W/c 7th January 2019and in 

Topic - We're starting our new topic today Bog Baby and in THE MAGICAL STORY BOX, we'll find all the things we need to make our own woodland magical creature.  Everyone will be making their own in the week.

Phonics - Finishing off phase 2, we'll be learning f, ck and all the double letters this week, ll, ss,zz,etc

Maths - We've done lots of work on number bonds to 5, now we'll be splitting 10 on a number line.

W/c 10th December 2018

It's our Christmas performance on Wednesday 12th, please see reception if you need more tickets.

Shusshh Nativity Footprints play 14th December 10:30am

Phonics - We'll be doing our Termly writing in our school portfolios so please talk to your child about their Christmas List, as this will be the task

Maths - We'll be partitioning 5, sorting red and blue baubles


W/c 3rd December 2018

We'll be practising for the Christmas performance this week, which will take up a lot of our time

Phonics - Assessments

Maths  - Assessments

W/c 26th November 2018

Topic - This week, THE MAGICAL STORYBOX contains a telescope sp we'll be studying the stars, making constellation pictures and our own telescopes to gaze skyward.

Phonics - We're really focussing on the small words this week. like it, in, is, on, at

Maths - You'll be meeting the part part whole machine this week, splitting numbers into 2 parts

W/c 19th November 2018

Topic - This week, the Sylvanian Family are in the MAGICAL STORY BOX and we'll be talking and writing about our own families.

Phonics - e and u  this week so we'll be looking at them as first and middle sounds.

Maths - We'll be looking at parts of birds and whole birds to prepare us for preparing groups into parts.

W/c 12th November 2018

Topic - We'll be meeting Plop in our new Topic book 'The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark'.  We'll be making paper plate and pine cone owls as well as some lovely bird feeders to bring home.

Phonics - We'll be learning and writing l and m this week.

Maths - Before we can do addition and subtraction, we need to understand part, part, whole.  We'll start this by splitting Mr Popoid into parts and putting him back together.

W/C 5th November 2018

Welcome back to Autumn 2

It's bonfire night so we'll be making rockets for our display and later in the week we'll be making lanterns to celebrate Diwali.  On Wednesday. we'll be having some very exciting visitors, Alistair will be bringing in his owls and we'll have the chance to see them fly in the hall.



W/c 22nd October 2018

Halloween Disco Tuesday 23rd October - Children with tickets go straight from school.  Please collect at 4.45

Parents' Meetings - Wednesday 24th October & Thursday 25th October.  Please see your child's teacher for your appointment time.

This week, we will be assessing the children in phonics and number to help us report progress to parents.

W/c 15th October 2018

Topic - How exciting...Our Parents'Event will be happening on Thursday, when we serve breakfast to our families.  We'd better get some invitations written!

Phonics - We'll be introducing C and O this week.

Maths - One less, so if you could practise counting backwards from 10, that would help :)

W/c 8th October 2018

Topic - The Naughty Bus has fallen in the pond!  Dr Tricky is coming to teach us the action for 'I' and we'll be pretending to be the bus and writing about what has happened to us. 

Phonics - Geraldine will be going off around the house to find things beginning with g and o this week.

Maths - We needed a bit more practice on 1 more and 1 less this week.

W/c 1st October 2018

Topic - There's a bit problem to solve today!  Someone has been in the classroom and made a terrible mess.  We've got to find the clues to work out who is responsible...I think it may be someone terribly NAUGHTY! We'll be decorating our buses this week.

Phonics This week we'll be starting to blend our letters to make words and segmenting words into sounds to be able to write them.

Maths - We'll be counting backwards and forwards and looking at 1 more and 1 less.


W/c 24th September

Topic - How exciting! There's a toy inside the present and we want to know what your favourite toy is :}  We'll be telling all our friends about it and writing about it later in the week.

Phonics - P,I,N this week

Maths - Sticking with numbers to 5, we'll be matching and ordering

W/c 17th September 2018

Topic - THE MAGICAL STORYBOX will make its first appearance this week and there is a present inside.  We will be talking about when we get presents and who from.  We'll be wrapping our own presents, and writing about what we think we'd like if it was for us.

Phonics - We'll be starting at the beginning this week, with SAT.  WE'll be singing jolly phonics songs (don't forget the Jolly phonics app), writing them, blending them to read and segmenting to write.

Maths - We'll be looking at everything to do with 5.  Singing, counting, looking at all the numbers and how to make and split them apart.

W/c 10th September 2018

We will be learning one of our school rules every day this week, they are:

  • Be kind and thoughtful
  • Be safe and responsible
  • Celebrate difference
  • Be polite and listen
  • Work and learn together

Please ask us to sing you our rules song as we will be practising it this week as well as thinking about what it means to be a good friend and leaner.


Week commencing 3rd September

This week we will be getting to know each other and familiarising ourselves with the routines, as well as exploring all the fun things to do in the unit.