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What We Are Learning in F1

Week Commencing 11th July & 18th July

Topic - Meeting new class teachers and friends

Letters and their sounds - read tricky words (he, she, we, me, you, they)

Number - 3D shape names and their properties 

Week Commencing 4th July 2016


Topic: Jangos trip

Letters and their sounds: sound talk cvc words b-a-t, m-o-p, t-i-p  etc

Number: making marks to represent the amount

Week Commencing 27th June 2016


Topic - Writing Jack and the Beanstalk story

Letters and their sounds - tricky words I,go,to,no,the

Number - matching numeral to quantity 

Week Commencing 20th June 2016


Topic - Large paintings of the Giant and Jack 

Letters and their sounds - Assessments 

Number - Assessments

Week Commencing 13th June 2016


Topic - Jack and the Beanstalk - planting seeds

Letters and their sounds - Assessment of sounds

Number - ordering 2 or 3 objects according to the size 

Week Commencing 6th June 2016


Topic - Queens Birthday Garden Party

Letters and their sounds - words starting with the initial sound 'e' and 'f' and blending sounds to make a word

Number - Estimate a number and check it by counting

Week Commencing 23rd May 2016


Topic - Science week - How is toast made? How are bubbles made?

Letters and their sounds - sound talk cvc words beginning with 'c' and 'd'

Number - shape hunt and building with shapes 

Week Commencing 16th May 2016


Topic - Goldilocks and the 3 bears - making porridge

Letters and their sounds - sound talking to make a word (c-a-t, a-n-t etc)

Number - counting and matching the numeral to the amount

Week Commencing 9th May 2016


Topic - Acting our the story through movement outside 'We're going on a bear hunt'

Letters and their sounds - making the letter shape 'b' and 'z'

Number learning - counting songs and making marks to show the amount (5 little ducks, 5 little men in a flying saucer, 5 little fireman standing in a row)


Week Commencing 18th April 2016


Topic - We're Going on a Bear Hunt Story

Letters and their sounds - write the letter shape 'e' and 'u'

Numeracy - 3d shape names (cube, cuboid, sphere, cone)

Week Commencing 28th March 2016


Topic: Love to investigate Science Days - Which material is waterproof? Which materials are  magnetic?

Number: Counting songs

Letters and their sounds: write the letter shape 'k'

Week Commencing 21st March 2016


Topic: The World Around us - Easter

Letters and their sounds: write the letter shape 'o'

Numbers: Easter Maths (Easter egg matching patterns, matching an amount of chicks to the right number) 

Week Commencing 14th March 2016


Topic: Local places we go - walk down the lane on Thursday

Letters and their sounds: make the letter shapes d, g

Number: Talk about shapes and positional language (on, in, under, behind etc)

Week Commencing 7th March 2016


Topic - Transport and Journeys (The Train Ride story)

Letters and their sounds - make the letter shapes 'n' and 'm'

Numbers - Number problems and writing numbers 

Week Commencing 29th February 2016


Topic - People who keep us safe (Police, Fire Fighters, Drs, Ambulance etc)

Letter and their sounds - make the letter shapes 'p' and 'i'

Number - Count in order and say what is 1 more

Week Commencing 22 February 2016


Topic - The World Around Us: Who help us at home and school?

Letters and their sounds - writing 'a' and 't'

Number - counting backwards from 10 to 0


Week Commencing 8th February 2016


Topic- Investigating pouring with sand and water and sound by making instruments

Letters and their sounds - making the letter shape 's'

Number - Counting anything (claps, stamps, toes, jumps etc)


Week Commencing 1st February 2016


  • Topic - Making 3D models using recyclable containers looking at different joining and strengthening techniques (tape, glue, staples, folding etc)
  • Letters and their sounds - New sounds y and z
  • Number - Building with shapes and drawing shapes (circles, squares, rectangles, triangles)

Week Commencing 25 January 2016


  • Topic - Symmetrical patterns and butterflies, feeling different textures
  • Letters and their sounds - learn w and x sound
  • Number - Talking about shapes and their size, how many sides, how many corners, looking at shape of real packaging etc 

Week Commencing 18 January 2016


  • Topic - Exploring Patterns
  • Letter and their sounds - j, v sound   
  • Number - making two groups the same

Week Commencing 11 Jan 2016


  • Topic - mixing two colours together to make a new colours 
  • Letters and their sounds - Blue Group: ll and ff  at the end of a word
  • Numbers - Counting 3 and seperating 3 in different ways

Week Commencing 4 Jan 2016


  • Topic:  Art Attack - Elmer Stories and colours
  • Letters and their sounds: introduce new sounds l, f
  • Maths: looking at shapes all around us and how we can build different shapes

Week Commencing 7 December 2015


Topic: Christmas Performances for parents/carers

Letters and their sounds: Writing own name on a Christmas card

Number: Christmas patterns on stockings, cards and hats


Week commencing 30 November 2015


  • Topic: Sparkling Celebrations - Christmas performance practise
  • Letters and their sounds: Phase 1 listening to and making different sounds with instruments
  • Number Learning: Looking at and comparing different amounts 'more' 'less'

Week Commencing 23rd November 2015


  • Topic Sparkling Celebrations  - painting with bright colours
  • Letters and their sounds - reviewing the sounds learnt s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,e,o,c,k,
  • Number learning - counting anything and pointing to the object when we count it 0-5