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What we are learning


Maths: we will be looking at place value problems.


English: we'll be writing a character description!


Topic: In topic, we'll be making a large scale painting.


Maths: We will be revisiting place value.


English: We'll be writing character descriptions. 


Topic: We'll be investigating our sense of hearing.


Maths: we'll be continuing our data handling - looking at venn diagrams.


English: Following on from reading Giraffes Can't Dance, we are writing an information page all about giraffes!


Topic: we'll be recording songs and manipulating our vocals!


Maths: We'll be collecting and presenting data using tally charts, pictograms and bar charts.


English: We are going to be creating adverts for our garden party!


Topic: In topic, we are listening to and comparing different genres of music and making marks as we listen to the sounds.



Maths: We'll be revising place value and using our problem solving skills.


English: We're going to write to our favourite singers to persuade them to perform at our school!


Topic: In topic, we'll be looking at high and low sounds.


Maths: we'll be looking at position and directions. 


English: We are going to write a book review on Giraffes can't dance.


Topic: To kick start our topic, we'll be creating a marching band and making balloon drums!


Friday 25th May: own clothes day for 100% attendance - well done Y2!!


Maths: We will be using our estimation skills.


English: For our final Big Write, Year 2 will create their own flower and make a fact file!


Topic: We'll be testing out different vegetables.



Maths: we'll be looking at word problems involving all four operations.


English: Year 2 are going to write an information text 'How to care for plants'


Topic: We'll be taking a walk to our local Orchard to spot some scented flowers!


Maths: We will be looking at using number lines for subtracting and also revising how to find missing numbers in a number sentence.


16 + ___ = 37


English: We're going to read 'The Flower' and write a letter to the Mayor explaining why flowers are important in our town!


Topic: We'll be looking at pollination


***Thank you to all that attended the SATS parent meeting!***


Maths: We'll be reading scales and also looking at a new method for subtraction.


English: We're continuing our Jack and The Beanstalk narrative!


Topic: In Topic we'll be looking at different parts of a plant and flower. Also, we'll be looking back at our planted seeds to see if they've grown!



Maths: We'll be looking at 3D shapes before moving on to measurement.


English: We're starting a 2 week writing unit based on Jack and the Beanstalk.


Topic: In topic, we'll be comparing plants around the world. 


Maths: we'll be looking at 2D shape properties.


English: We will be creating instructions


Topic: Our new topic is The Scented Garden. We'll be planting seeds for our science day: Can seeds grow anywere?


The Butterfly House visit - Tuesday: Please send children with a packed lunch and a rain coat!


Maths: We will be looking at 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 and 2/4 of a shape.


English: We will be writing a recount on our trip to The Butterfly House and starting a film studies unit based on The Bee Movie. 


Topic: As well as our visit, we will be looking at how bees make honey and watching live cams of bees in their hive!



Please send any egg boxes in to school before Friday please for an art project


Maths: we are finishing division and moving on to fractions of shapes and amounts.


English: we're finishing our 2 week narrative!


Topic: We're learning about the butterfly and ant life cycle and discussing what makes habitats suitable for different animals. 




Maths: We are carrying on with division through grouping.


English: We are writing our own mini beast narratives based on a book - Never tickle a tiger!


Topic: In topic, we are learning about suitable mini beast habitats. We're also having a visitor from Bruce, a Giant Land African Snail!


Thank you to all parents and carers that attended our class assembly!


Maths: we will be moving on to division through grouping.


English: We will be writing some mini beast riddles!


Topic: We will start our Wriggle and Crawl topic by going on mini beast hunt around school! 


Class assembly - Tuesday 13th February at 2.30pm. 

Maths: We will be continuing our money unit - looking at making the same amounts of different coins. We will also be solving some money word problems.

How can you make £1? 

How can you make 50p?



English: We will be writing a short narrative.


Topic: We're going to designing our own treasure maps! We are also performing our class assembly: How to be a pirate!  

We hope to see you there!


***Reminder: Class Assembly on Tuesday 13th February at 2.30pm***

Maths: we will be moving on to money, looking at the value of coins and how to make the same amount using different coins.

EG- how many ways can you make £1? 


English: this week we’ll be writing a poem, based on a poem called Storm At Sea. 


Topic: during topic, we’ll be investigating how to melt ice to get the treasure and exploring compass points!! 



Maths: We will start looking at multiplication and how it is commutative.


English: In English, we're beginning a two week narrative based on The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.


Topic: We're going to look at different countries and compare them. 



Maths: We'll be moving on to multiplication. In Year 2, we start by looking at repeated addition and looking at equal groups.


English: In English, we're writing a character description about a pirate.


Topic: In topic, we'll be creating observational drawings of pirate ships, planning a route for Captain Cook looking at different countries that are hot and cold and measuring cargo on a ship (how much cargo can a clay ship take before it sinks?)

Happy New Year!



Maths: We'll be spending the first weekof this half term learning how to read an analogue clock. Children are expected to know: o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past.


English: Year 2 will be writing their very own instructions on how to make a pirate potions! 


Topic: We'll be launching our new topic, 'Land Ahoy'. This week, we'll be looking at oceans and the different continents. We'll also be making our own moving mechanisms for a moving ship in DT. On Thursday, we will be holding our pirate party day! Children are allowed to dress up in pirate outfits or their own clothes (red/white or black).



Maths: We'll be solving mixed addition and subtraction number sentences.


English: We'll be writing and editing our own narrative.


Topic: we'll be making suggestions on how to improve our local area. We'll also be constructing a  3D dream town!



Maths: we're going to start looking at subtraction methods for 2 digit numbers.


English: We're going to continue our narrative, A Walk In Pleasley.


Topic: We will look at the book, Window by Jeannie Baker, and discuss how our community might have changed in recent years.


** Please bring in outfits for Thursday 30th November as we have a planned dress rehearsal. Let us know if you're struggling with your child's outfit. **


Maths: we will continue adding 2 digit numbers and start looking at carrying ones.

Eg: 19 + 26 =


English: We will read the book, 'A Walk In London' and write a narrative based on this book - 'A Walk In Pleasley.'


Topic: We'll be looking at man made and natural materials. We'll also be thinking about how we could help look after our community.


*** Thank you for all your support helping children learn their Christmas Nativity lines! ***


Maths: We'll be moving on to adding two two-digit numbers using a more formal method.


English: In English we will be writing adverts as an estate agent to sell a property!


Topic: We'll be looking at homes in the past and present and comparing. We'll also be investigating man made and natural resources that are used to build homes.



Maths: we'll be moving on to adding and subtracting multiples of ten

80 + 10

60 - 10

40 + 30

50 - 20


English: We are going to write a poem about baking a cake. 


Topic: We are having a special visitor in to school to talk about Pleasley in the past! We'll also be using some old recipes to make delicious cakes. 




Maths: We will continue with our number bonds work and start to solve problems using our number bonds.


English: We're going to be reading the story 'The Jolly Postman' and writing a letter to a very important person!


Topic: We're going to be finding out about Pleasley in the past and how homes have changed.





Maths: We'll be starting our unit on number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. Please check out our 'useful websites' page to support your child at home with this learning.


English: We are jumping in to an old photograph taken in Mansfield and will be writing a description.


Topic: To start out new topic, Street Detectives, we're going on a hunt around Pleasley! We'll be spotting different features in our local area and making tally charts. From the data we collect, we'll make a graph on a computer.



Maths: we will be identifying and sorting 2D shapes. 


English: we will be writing our 'perfect polished pieces' information pages for our museum.


Don't forget to come visit our museum Thursday afternoon!! 



Maths: We are comparing and ordering numbers to 100.


English: We are going to write a non-fiction information page about how castles were protected. This will be used for our museum next week!


Topic:We will be finishing our castles and armour! 



Maths: We will be comparing and ordering numbers to 100.


English: In English we're reading the story 'Billy Goat Gruff' and writing a letter.


Topic: We will finish our castles and find out about jobs in a castle.



Maths: We will be continuing our place value work - including counting forwards and backwards in tens. 


English: We will be reading 'The Tunnel' and writing a setting description.


Topic: We will be creating life size armour with Mrs Winterton! We will also be finding out about tunneling animals.


*** Huge thank you to all who donated boxes and newspaper, our castle models are well under way! ***


Maths: We will continue with place value, partitioning numbers into tens and ones and also ordering and comparing numbers.


English: We'll be retelling the traditional tale, Rapunzel.


Topic: Y2 will continue building their castles in DT. In science, we'll be testing which material is the strongest to knock down an enemies castle walls!



*** Newspaper and cardboard boxes needed for DT project***


Maths: We will begin by looking at the value of two digit numbers.  Check our 'useful websites' link for some games that we'll be playing this week.


English: We are revising how to use capital letters and full stops. At the end of the week, we'll write a recount of our trip to Bolsover Castle.


Topic: We are going to find out how castles were protected and begin making 3D castle models. On Thursday we are visiting Bolsover Castle.