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What We Are Learning



Maths: We are going to move on to place value with numbers beyond 100.


English: We are going to create our own brand new plant and create fact files.


Topic: We will be planting some seeds in different environments to see if plants can grow anywhere. 



Maths: We'll be revising money and finding change, leading in to a Big Solve party planning and working on a budget!


English: We are going to create posters advertising our garden party... keep a look out around school!


Topic: We are going to start some blogging and research parts of a plant. We'll also be making flower inspired art to sell at our garden party.


Maths: We will be looking at position and directions, using the language:

quarter turn, half turn, three quarter turn, full turn.

Clockwise, anti clockwise. 


English: In English, we'll be writing a recount of our trip to the synagogue.


Topic: We'll be visiting a synagogue and also writing flower riddles. Year 2 will go on a flower hunt around their local area and use ICT to record findings.




Maths: In Maths, we are revising time. Please check our useful websites page for some fun time games. We'll also be looking at money and word problems.


English: We'll continue our stories this week. Year 2 have come up with some fantastic ideas - we're so excited to read them!


Topic: We're going to be making 2D and 3D flowers during an art afternoon. We'll also be having a flower hunt around our local permitted frown We will keep you updated on when the walk will take place via text. 


Maths: During Maths, we'll be revising some multiplication and division and answering word problems.


English: We'll begin our two week narrative, based on Jack and the beanstalk!


Topic: Year 2 will start their new topic, The Scented Garden, We'll be learning what flowers need to survive and even planting our own seeds.


Maths: We will be looking at 3D shapes and working on our reasoning muscles!


English: We're writing a poem based on traditional tales.


Topic: We are going to retell traditional tales through music and create our own music instruments!


Year 2 need boxes! Please drop any boxes that you have into school, thank you

Maths: we will be revising some addition and subtraction methods and solving problems involving word problems and missing numbers.


English: We'll be creating our own information page on giraffe, after reading the story 'giraffes can't dance'. 


Topic: We are investigating how sounds change when we move closer to the noise.


Maths: We will be carrying on with measurement including reading scales and a thermometer. At the end of the week, we will be revising subtraction and word problems.


English: We're going to write a character description based on a character from a book.


Topic: We will be recording sounds heard around the school and also listening to music and creating art. 


Maths: we'll be starting some measurement work this week, starting with measuring length and height using a ruler in Cm and M. 


English: Year 2 are writing a letter of persuasion to their favourite singer or band.


Topic: We will be conducting a science experiment to find out if the amount of water in a glass affects the pitch. We'll also be learning some poems off by heart and performing them to the class. 


Maths - finishing off fractions and solving problems involving fractions.


English - we'll be writing a recipe to make a singing potion for a very famous judge...


Topic - To launch our new topic, children will create their own big band and put on a concert for their friends!



Maths: we will continue our work on fractions and finding fractions of a number and of an object. 


English: we'll be writing our Bee Movie description from the view of Barry the bee.


Topic: It will be Year 2's class assembly - don't miss out!


Maths: we will be continuing with fractions, problem solving with fractions and finding fractions of a quantity:

e.g: 1/2 of 12 = 6,         1/4 of 20 = 5


English: We will be writing a setting description based on 'The Bee Movie.'


Topic: we'll be doing a variety of activities involving life cycles and begin making our own 3-D life cycles. 



Maths - we'll be moving onto fractions of shapes and numbers.


English - Year 2 will be writing their minibeast adventure stories.


Topic - we will be finding out about a bee's life cycle and how honey is made. 



Maths: We will be solving division problems and starting to look at fraction of shapes.


English: We're starting a two week unit based on the book, "Never tickle a tiger".


Topic: In topic, we'll be finding out how a minibeast's appearance helps it survive.



Maths: This week we will begin exploring the meaning of division.


English: We will be writing a recount about our trip.


Topic: We will be looking at symmetrical minibeasts and we'll also be completing a science investigation, trying to find out how fast a snail can move. On Wednesday we are going to visit The Tropical butterfly House to see lots of different minbeasts and find out more about each one.

Visit the website for more information. 




Maths - we will be continuing work on money and multiplication.


English - we will be writing a poem about minibeasts. Using:

Statements, Commands, Exclamation sentences and Questions. 


Topic - we'll be launching our new topic 'Wriggle and Crawl'. 





Maths: continuing multiplication and using problem solving involving multiplication.


English: In English, we are going to write a poem based on a storm at sea. 


Topic: During our topic session, we are going to research about Grace Darling and also find out about the importance of life guards. 


Maths: we will continue to develop an understanding of multiplication (2x, 5x, 10)


English: we are writing a character description on the oldest, meanest pirate to have ever walked to earth...!


Topic: Y2 will be designing their own treasure map using symbols


Maths: we are going to introduce multiplication through repeated addition. Children will be grouping objects into 2, 5 and 10 and writing number sentences to match the pictures.


English: We will finish our writing on 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. I can't wait to read their fantastic stories...keep checking our class page because we'll be posting some stories for you to read at home. frown


Topic: We will be investigating materials that float and sink, we will also be investigating how to get our treasure out of blocks of ice! 


Maths: We will continue to work on time and solve problems involving time.


English: We are starting a 2 week unit around the story, 'The Lighthouse Keeper's lunch'. Children will learn the story before writing their own version next week. 


Topic: We will be sketching pirate ships and learn about the UK seas.


Maths - we will begin our unit on telling the time to the nearest 15 minutes. 


English - we are going to write pirate instructions to make all things pirate for our pirate day 6th January. We will be using adverbs in our instructions.


Topic -  Ths week Y2 will be dressing up as pirates, learning how to follow and draw maps, making pirate food and learning a pirate dance!


Maths - we are solving problems involving addition.


English - we will be writing, 'A walk in Pleasley' narrative based on the book, 'A walk in London'. watch this space!


Topic - This week we will be looking at aerial photographs of Pleasley and recreating the photographs using different materials. 



Maths - we are continuing to add 2 digit numbers together.


English - we are writing an advert to sell a home!


Topic - we will be looking at different man-made and natural materials.



Maths: Y2 are moving on to adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers.


English: We are writing poems about our local community. 


Topic: We will be looking at photographs of Pleasley and recreating the photos using natural resources and creating graphs during Computing. 



Maths: We are looking at number bonds to 10, 20 and 100.


English: We are writing questions to ask a visitor from our local community. 


Topic: We are baking cakes and comparing new/old homes.



Maths: We are looking at number bonds to 10, 20 and 100.


English: We are writing a description of an old photograph taken in Mansfield.


Topic: We are going on a trip around Pleasley to find different features and drawing our favourite road. 



Maths: we will be describing the properties of 2D shapes.


English: we are going to edit and redraft our information page.


Topic: Year Two will be finishing our castles ready for our Castle Museum



Maths: we will be moving on to ordering and comparing numbers. Children will be introduced to greater than, less than and equal to signs. > < = 


English: children will be writing a non-fiction information page all about the features of a castle.


Topic: we will be finishing our castles ready for the castle museum parents' event. We will also be discussing the materials of the Three Little Pigs home and investigating  what materials we could use for their homes to keep them safe!



Maths: we will continue counting on in ten from any number, counting in 2,5 and representing numbers in different ways. 

54 + 10

43 + 10 + 10


English: we are reading Three Billy Goats Gruff story and pretending to be the troll writing a letter of complaint. We are going to be using contractions in our letter.

Don't, can't, wouldn't, didn't, shouldn't, couldn't. 


Topic: we will continue to build our castles and build bridges, we will build a bridge from marshmallow and spaghetti and we're going to look at famous bridges from around the world. 


Huge thank you for all the boxes and newspaper!

Maths: we will be reading and writing numbers to one hundred, ordering numbers and counting up in 2,5 and 10.


English: We are going to read 'The Tunnel' and then write a setting description.


Topic: we will continue making our castles, we will research about animals that live in tunnels and find out about world famous tunnels!


What a fantastic first week! Year 2 have settled in so well and I am very proud at how hard they are all working. Well done Year 2 :)


Maths: We will continue our work on place value, read and write numbers to 100 and count in steps of 2,3,5 and 10.


English: We are going to retell the story of Rapunzel.


Topic: Year 2 are going to build castles, take a walk around the local area to find tall buildings that resemble Rapunzel's tower and we will be designing castles during our Computing session. 



Maths: We will be looking at the value of digits in a two digit number.


English: We are writing a recount about our trip to Bolsover Castle.


Topic: We are going to start building our very own castles and testing out how strong the materials are that we have used in a science experiment.