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What are we learning this week?

Week commencing 2nd March

Our new topic is Katie and the Sunflowers so we ill be painting sunflowers, mixing paint colours and having a go at some country dancing. As part of our Forest Schools learning and our visit to Magnolia House, we will be planting sunflower seeds so we're going to learn about writing instructions for this.

Maths We will be completing our topic on shape this week

Week commencing 24th February

Monday is an INSET day

Tuesday we will be making pancakes.

Wednesday we will all be visiting Magnolia House for some more pancakes.

We will be recapping all digraphs in phonics this week and 3D shape in maths.


Week commencing 10th February

We will be making and writing Valentine's cards this week.

Parents' Evenings will be Wednesday and Thursday so please make sure that if you don't have an appointment, you speak to Mrs Hickling.

Week commencing 3rd Feb

This week is our trip to Jango's on Wednesday so please ensure you have completed your consent form.  The children will need a small snack and drink.  Please make sure they are wearing socks.

Week commencing 27th January 2020

Topic - We are excited to do THE RSPB GREAT GARDEN BIRD WATCH on Monday, then we'll be learning more about Chinese New Year.  We'll be travelling to China in the hot air balloon in our story and writing about our favourite animal in the Chinese story.

Phonics - th - Portside Pirates and ai- Snail Trail.

Maths - We're moving onto 3D shape this week.

Week commencing 20th January 2020

Topic - The MAGICAL STORYBOX contains some sea creatures as OUR BIG BLUE SOFA goes under the sea.  We'll be making a shark fact file so we need to learn lots of interesting things about lots of different types of sharks.

Phonics th and qu this week.

Maths More work on splitting 10 this week.

Week commencing 13th January 2020

Topic - We are starting our new topic book OUR BIG BLUE SOFA so we will be talking about our homes and families.  We'll be painting a member of our family, cutting play dough family members, labeling our family photos and designing our own sofas.

Phonics - sh and ch 

Maths - Number bonds to 10 on a 10 frame.

Week commencing 6th January 2020

Topic - While we settle back in this week, we'll be learning all abut the book DOCTOR DUCK.  We'll be playing in our new Doctor's Roleplay and revisiting all our classroom rules.

Phonics - This week, we will be revisiting all the phonemes we know before moving onto digraphs next week.

Maths - Different ways to split 10.

Week commencing 9th  & 16th December 2019


Christmas Activities - cards, calendars, decorations


Christmas Performance - Weds 11th Dec 10.20am and 2pm. Please join us.


Film Night Thursday 12th December 5-7pm


Carol Service 19th December 2pm at Church


Disco & Class party Friday 20th December. Please bring in an item of food to share at the party.

Week commencing 2nd December 

Topic It's not a box We'll be reading this story and creating our own box models throughout the week.

Phonics - v with Racing Car is Roaring, w  with Whiffy Wilson and x with Box of Tricks

Maths - 1 more and 1 less, look out for this week's homework... :)


Week commencing 25th November 2019

Topic - We'll be tasting space food and packing our bags for space as well as thinking about what we can see out of the window of the Space Station. 

Phonics - We are learning ss with The Kiss That Missed, j with Don't Put Your Finger in the Jelly Nelly and v with Racing Car is Roaring

Maths - We will be sorting into groups this week.  This is something you can practise at home by sorting toys into categories or colours.


Week commencing 18th November 2019

Topic - This week we'll be making rockets, as Baby Bear needs some help with his.  We'll also be tasting space food and watching how astronauts manage to eat. 

Phonics - We'll be learning u with Aliens Love Underpants, l with The Very lazy Ladybird and ss with The Kiss That Missed this week.

Maths - We're moving on to counting to 10 this week so if you could practise counting up and down the stairs or counting houses down the street, that would be great!

Week commencing 11th November 2019

Topic - We're excited to be starting our new topic this week

WHATEVER NEXT! will be nestled in THE MAGICAL STORYBOX so we'll be talking all things SPACE.

Phonics We'll be learning the actions for h with I Want My Hat Back, b with Baby Brains and f with Foggy, Foggy Forest this week

Maths - We started learning number bonds to 5 last week, this is going really well so we will be consolidating this knowledge this week.

Week commencing 4th November 2019


This week, we will be celebrating Bonfire Night and Divali so we won't start our new topic until next week.  Get ready to enjoy the festival of lights and learn a bit more a out why we set off rockets at this time of year.  As well as all that, our Remembrance Day learning in RE on Thursday will make it a lovely busy week.

Week commencing 10th October 2019

Topic - THE MAGICAL STORYBOX has seeds and soil in it this week so we will be growing cress for an investigation throughout the week. We'll also be making some seed art and using tweezers to look carefully at sunflower heads.  

Phonics - We'll be learning o with Octopus, Octopus, c with The Crunching Munching Caterpillar and K with Ketchup on your Cornflakes.

Maths - We'll be looking at one more and one less, we'll be calling it the number before and the number after.


Week commencing 7th October 2019

Thank you so much for your support with our coffee morning, we raised £120 for MacMillan.

Topic - THE MAGICAL STORY BOX has some games inside so we'll be asking the children about the games they know and the games they amy have watched teams playing. We'll be making a team kit and flag.

Phonics - we'll be learning  m with Munch, d with Sam and Dave dig a Hole and G with Gruff the Grump.

Maths - We'll be writing 1-5 and recognising them in different situations.

Week commencing 30th September 

Topic - Grandpa is using an orange handkerchief to remind him about his birthday.  We will be celebrating all week, with a party of our own. We'll be making party hats and sandwiches, and don't forget our GRANDPARENTS' EVENT when we'll be holding a MacMillan coffee morning, so please join us.

Phonics This week, our sounds are p with Pirate Pete, i with Incy Wincy Spider and n with Emergency (practise your nee-naw)

Maths  - We'll be working withe the NUMBERBLOCKS and finding sets of objects.



Week commencing 23rd September

Topic - This week, Grandpa makes a pirate hat out of a pink handkerchief so we'll be learning about pirates this week.  We'll be making treasure maps and telescopes and saying 'Arrr' a lot.

Phonics - We'll be starting Storytime Phonics this week, learning s with Jake the Snake, a with The Big Sneeze and t with The Tip-Tap cat.

Maths - We're still working with 1-5 but this week, we'll be matching and writing the numbers.

Week commencing 16th September 2019

Topic - We're starting  GRANDPA'S HANDKERCHIEF today so the children will be seeing our MAGICAL STORYBOX for the first time. We'll be talking about trains and journeys, making maps and describing what we can see from the window.

Phonics - We will be continuing with our listening and saying sounds activities this week, ready for our new books to commence next week.

Maths - We will be starting with counting items to 5 and matching the numbers to groups.



We'll be spending the next two weeks getting to know one another properly and settling into our lovely Foundation Unit.  We will also be learning all about our school rules:

  • Be kind and thoughtful
  • Be safe and responsible
  • Celebrate difference
  • Be polite and listen
  • Work and learn together

As well as looking at all the areas in the unit and learning how to share them and play together, we will be learning the 'pants rule' and where we need to be if the fire alarm were to sound.  We have lots of new routines to learn too...keep your eye out for the Phonics Fairy and Tricky Troll!  

Parents, if you have anything you need to discuss about your child's settling in, please come and have a chat, we'd love to help.