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What are we learning this week?

Week beginning 9th November- On Wednesday this week, it is Remembrance Day, where we will have a minute's silence to remember those who fought in the World Wars and for those who are still fighting in wars today. 


Friday is Children in Need day, so please come in non-uniform and bring a donation. Mrs Tryner is also asking for everyone to bring a food item so that she can make up some Christmas parcels for families in need. Don't worry if you forget the food donation, there is plenty of time to bring something in before Christmas, but please remember your money donation, as this will go straight to Children in Need. 


In Maths this week, we are looking at factors and multiples.


In English this week, we will be looking at using brackets accurately and writing letters, pretending that we are soldiers in the war. 


In Topic, we will look at electricity and we will also identify the Axis and Allied powers and find them on a world map. 

Week beginning 2nd November- Welcome back everyone! 


In Maths this week, we will be using written methods to multiply and divide. 


In English, we will be experiencing what it was like to be an evacuee and writing a diary entry. 


In Topic, we will discuss world and British history and look at the reasons for the start of WW2. 


PE days are now a Tuesday and a Friday :-) 

Week beginning 5th October


In Maths this week, we will be adding and subtracting numbers and then using our reasoning and problem solving skills. 


In English, we will be using conjunctions to link sentences and focusing on identifying word classes. 


In Topic, we will look at and evaluate websites and think about how to search the web safely. 

Week beginning 28th September- Please could you bring a torch in this week. You will need it on Thursday. 


In Maths, we will be rounding numbers to 1,000,000


In English, we will be concentrating on using complex sentences and we will write a short story. 


In Topic, we will be investigating light and shadows and investigating how we can debug programs. 


In PE, we will be continuing to improve our bowling, batting and fielding skills. 

Week beginning 21st September- I hope that everyone has had a lovely weekend :-) 


In Maths, we are multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 and comparing and ordering numbers. 


In English, we will be writing newspaper reports and thinking about how to use adverbials and subordinating conjunctions accurately.


In Topic, we will be using coding to program. We will also be looking at people who made important discoveries/created important inventions, such as Tim Berners- Lee (who developed the internet). 


In PE, we will continue to practise our cricket skills as we are becoming much more accurate with our throwing, catching and batting skills. 

Week beginning 14th September - Well done to everyone for a fantastic first full week back. We are very impressed with the children and I know we are going to achieve great things this year! 


In Maths, we are investigating place value in numbers up to 10,000,000 


In English, we are using 'zoom in' sentences to improve our writing and make it even more interesting for the reader. We will also be writing part of our story. This may carry on from last week or may be completely different :-) 


In Topic, we are investigating the history of computing and thinking about what else was going on in the world at that time. 


In PE, we will continue to develop our cricket skills, including fielding, bowling and batting. 



Week beginning- 7th September- Welcome back to the first full week of Y6. I hope that you are all excited to learn and want to know all about our new topic :-) 


In Maths this week, we will be looking at place value in numbers up to 1,000,000


In English, we will look at using suspense and action in a narrative opening 


In Topic, we will design our own motorised cities and begin to look at light in Science. 


PE days are a TUESDAY and a THURSDAY, so please come dressed in your PE kit, ready for any weather (we won't go outside if it is throwing it down.)