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What are we learning this week?

Week beginning Mon 16th September

This week promises to be another exciting one as GlobalWords join us once again to continue working on our book. We are also very grateful to Nick Linney who will be visiting us on Tuesday to talk more about his company and some jobs you may like to think about doing in Mansfield as you get older! In maths, we will be continuing to work on addition and using our reasoning skills.


Spellings – to be tested on Thurs 19th Sep

For the next few weeks, we will work on suffixes, beginning by revisiting: -ion or -ian

















Week beginning Mon 9th September

After a busy first week back, this week we make a start on writing our stories for publication. GlobalWords are visiting us again to work on descriptive writing. We also have a visit from Mansfield Town FC to explore the history of the football club. We will begin thinking about how Mansfield compares to other towns and will create a survey for others to help us complete! In Maths, we will be developing our schools in rounding numbers to different values.


Spellings – to be tested on Thurs 12th Sep

Homophones in context

That’s their dinner.

I went to the shop.

Is there any left?

There is too much to do!

I hope they’re not too busy.

She left the house at two o’clock.

Where is it?

He threw the ball.

What shall I wear?

She walked through the doors.







Week beginning Tues 3rd September

Welcome to Year Six and our very first week of what will be an exciting year! On Tuesday, we will be thinking about what we want this year to be like; what are our rights and responsibilities?

On Wednesday, we have GlobalWords in to begin working on our book straight away! Then it's off into Mansfield for our fact-finding trip! The week ends with a visit from Gareth Baker, our Patron of Reading, to help us plan our very own Mansfield-inspired stories.