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Week beginning 1st of Feb

Children's Mental Health Week

 - Express Yourself!

This week is national children's mental health week and we feel that talking about mental health is so important now more than ever!

This week we will be looking at positive thinking, strategies for self regulation and talking about our feelings. Whilst the structure of the days will remain the same, the activities are a chance for you to talk to your children about their mental health and just have some time to focus on your emotional well being.




Phonics new sound: 8:30

Magical Story Box: 10:00

 Forest School: 1:30 



Phonics follow up activity: 8:30

Big Write: 10:00

Storyime: 1:30



Phonics new sound: 8:30

 Creative: 10:00

Outdoor exercise: 1:30



Phonics, new sound: 8:30

Maths input & activity : 10:00

Storytime: 1:30



Tricky Word & Phonics Song: 8:30

Maths input & activity: 10:00

Continuous Provision: 1:30