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Week beg 8th Feb

Friday 12th February- Today is our last day of this half term! Well done and thank you to everyone for all the learning that has been uploaded, including parents and carers :-) 

Learning for today is Arithmetic, Grammar, French (x2 activities) Reading (please either read your own book or read a book on Bug Club), PE and to complete the 'What I have Learned' section of the 'What I want to Find Out' sheet. Also, if you have any other Taskmaster tasks to complete, you can do these :-) 


I am not setting any new spellings today, as on the Thursday of the first week, we are going to test you on the spellings that you already have. You will not be tested on the spellings that Mrs Ferry chose this week, but we will choose another twelve spellings from that list. You can find the spellings below.

Maths- Arithmetic paper

Grammar- A suffix is something that is added to the end of a word to either change its tense or its meaning. As with prefixes, please think about whether you have heard that word and how could you use it in a sentence? Is it a real word?

Topic- Please just complete the 'What I have Found Out' column

French today consists of two activities, as there is the normal video and sheet that I have planned and then a KS2 activity that all classes in KS2 have completed :-) 

Fri 12th Feb French What hurts pp

French- A day in my lockdown powerpoint

PE- Meditation for Kids | Guided Meditation for Anxiety & Worry | The Magic Shell

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Thursday 11th February- Happy Thursday everyone! Learning for today consists of a Spelling Test, Arithmetic, Maths, Big Write, Reading (please use Bug Club or read your own book. If you do this, please let us know via Dojo :-) and Topic. Don't forget that Mrs Tryner has also sent you some well-being activities to complete, so you could choose to do some of those :-) 


Thurs 11th Feb Maths percentages pp

Thurs 11th Feb Big Write Narrative pp

Topic- Here are some activities that we would like you to complete over the next two days. Please just do what you can, with what you can and remember to upload anything you do to Dojo :-)

Wednesday 10th February- Happy Wednesday everyone! Please find the learning for today below. I have also uploaded the spellings sheet- don't forget to go over each of them.

Learning for today consists of Arithmetic, Maths, Grammar, Reading, English, Handwriting (please choose a page from your CGP book to complete), RE and PSHE. 

Wed 10th Feb Maths percentages 2

Wed 10th Feb Reading assessment pp

Grammar- A prefix is something that is added to the beginning of words to change their meaning. I would always ask myself- 'Have I heard of that word?' 'Is it a real word?' 'What does it mean?'

Wed 10th Feb English Plan pp

Wed 10th Feb RE pp

Wed 10th Feb PSHE pp

Tuesday 9th February- Good morning everyone! Today is Safer Internet Day and so instead of Topic, I have set you an activity about that, so learning for today is Arithmetic, Maths, Grammar, Reading, English, PE and a Safer Internet Day activity. 

Tues 9th Feb Maths Decimals pp

Grammar- A synonym is a word that is similar, an antonym is a word that is the opposite. Some of these are tricky, so think carefully :-)

English- Watch the lesson below and then have a go at the sheet :-) 

Reading - For today's Reading, I would like you to read The Hero Twins text and then challenge me :-) 

Can you ask me to define some words? Find synonyms or antonyms for words? Can you ask me at least three questions about the text and I will answer them. I wonder if my answers will be correct? 

Safer Internet Day- This year, the focus is reliability, which is such an important topic, as we spend so much time on the internet and using devices. Please watch the assembly (can be found on Class Story on Dojo) and then have a go at the activities below. 

Have a go at the interland game (click on the name for the link) - go to Reality River first and then explore :-) 

PE- Mexican Hat Dance. Have a last go at this :-)

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Welcome to our final week before we break up for half term :-) Remember that the spellings for this week are going to be a mixture of all the words that we have practised this half term. 


Monday 8th Feb- Learning consists of Arithmetic, Maths, Reading, Grammar, English and Topic. 


English for today is reading The Hero Twins text out loud- please record and upload to Dojo. 

Then, can you put yourself in the shoes of the next generation Hero Twins? What can you tell me about their character? Use evidence from the text. 

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Mon 8th Feb Reading Defining vocabulary pp

Grammar- What are phrases and clauses? | Oxford Owl

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Mon 8th Feb Topic Human and physical geog pp