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Week beg 25th Jan

Friday 29th January- Happy Friday everyone! I hope that you have all had a great week and I hope that you all have a lovely weekend :-) 


Learning for today is Arithmetic, Reading, English, French and PE. 


If you haven't had time to complete any activities from this week, then you can do them today :-) or if not, don't worry, just do what you can! 

Maths- Half an arithmetic test and a link to a multiplication game

Fri 29th Jan English spellings 1 pp

Reading- Please make sure that you read the text carefully before answering the questions :-)

Fri 29th Jan French My body pp

PE- You can choose to either join the Kidz Bop kids when they are dancing or you can do the yoga or you can do both! The choice is yours :-) Don't forget to upload your photos to Dojo :-) 

PE- Dance along with the Kidz Bop team.

Dance along to 34 MINUTES of KIDZ BOP dance along videos with The KIDZ BOP Kids!💿"KIDZ BOP 2021" is OUT NOW here:🛍️ Shop all new K...

Yoga for Kids!

Follow along as Sophia Khan leads a fun and family-friendly introduction to yoga. You'll get to warm up, practice breathing and poses, and relax into a power...

Thursday 28th January- Today is Big Write day. We have also got our Spelling test, Arithmetic, Maths, Art and Music. If you get time, please log on to Bug Club and read some books on there or you can read any book in your house :-) If you don't get it all finished today, then please move some things to tomorrow or even next week. All we ask is that you do what you can :-) 


Maths for today is finding percentages of amounts (which we have included when doing our arithmetic practice). Please click here for the video and find the worksheet below. 

Spelling Test

Big Write day- Today, you can choose whether you write a persuasive text for or against Camp Green Lake. You need to decide if you are for sending children there or against sending children there- the choice is yours! 


Please try to use the PERSUADE techniques- Power of three, Emotive language, Say again, Undermine opposing views, Anecdotes, Direct address, Exaggeration. There is the video below and an example :-)

Thurs 28th Jan English BW persuasion pp

Music- I would like you to listen to the song and try to sing along in time with the lyrics. I have also posted a video underneath this where a lady speaks in both Spanish and English. Please try and follow along and maybe you can sing with her :-) There are some different translations of the song out there, but maybe you could research these and see how they would fit in with the rhythm of the song :-) If you do, please upload your learning to Dojo, as I would love to see it :-)

La Cucaracha [English Version for Children] | Karaoke with Lyrics

Free mp3 download:"La Cucaracha" (The Cockroach) - English Lyrics for children by Singing BellThe little cockroach, the little cockroac...

Spanish songs for kids -"LA CUCARACHA" - Learn SPANISH with this BILINGUAL lesson!

¡Hola chicos!,THANKS for being here! :)In this bilingual video you will learn and understand a Spanish children's song called "LA CUCARACHA" (The Cockroach)...

Art- Please use the link below first, as it will give you more information about Mayan art and you can answer quiz questions, before you begin your sketches. And then, use the images in this document as inspiration for your own artwork. You can either choose a design to copy or you can create your own, using your own ideas or using the example as a basis.

Wednesday 27th January- Today we have Arithmetic, Maths, Reading, Grammar, English, RE, PSHE and Handwriting. 

For Handwriting, please just choose a page from your CGP book or just use the lined paper or a plain piece of paper. 


Maths for today is finding equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. Click here for the video link and find the worksheet below.  

Wed 27th Jan Reading retrieving information pp

Grammar Blast- Using commas correctly- the drawing sentences sheet is just for fun, if you want to do it!

Wed 27th Jan English persuasion pp 2

Wed 27th Jan- PSHE pp

Wed 27th Jan- RE

Tuesday 26th January- Today we have Arithmetic, Maths, Reading, Grammar, English,Topic and PE- what a busy day! Oh also, don't forget to keep practising your spellings :-) 

Spellings to be tested Thursday 28th January
















Spellings to be tested Thursday 28th January

















Maths for today is finding fractions and percentages. Click here for the video and find the worksheet below.  

Tues 26th Jan Reading Retrieving information pp

Grammar- remember that a dash adds extra information to a sentence and a hyphen joins two words together, eg. warm-blooded.

Tues 26th Jan English commas for clarity pp

Tues 26th Jan Topic Classifying creatures

PE- You can choose to either complete the workout below by choosing some of the actions from each slide or complete the Joe Wicks workout below.

You could use tins/cans/bottles instead of dumbells and some of them you won't be able to complete (the ones with the big ball) but you can pick and choose :-)
(I know that there is a spelling mistake at the bottom of the slides- before should have an 'e' on the end!)

PE With Joe 2021

Monday 25th January- Good morning everyone and welcome to another week! I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend


Maths for this week is Understanding percentages. Remember that a percentage is out of 100, as cent means 100. Click here for the video and find the worksheet below.  

Mon 25th Jan Reading Defining vocabulary pp

Mon 25th Jan English Pronouns

Topic- This is up to you- read the information about England and then research Mexico and compare the similarities and differences. I know there are a lot of pages, so please don't feel that you have to print them all out. You can present your learning in anyway you want, eg. you could just copy the title of each page, research and then present as a poster.