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Week beg 1st Feb

Friday 5th February- Happy Friday everyone! I look forward to seeing some of you this afternoon on teams :-) 

Learning for today consists of Arithmetic, English, Reading, PE and French. 

Fri 5th Feb English Spellings

Fri 5th Feb Reading True or False pp

French- Head, shoulders, knees and feet in French "Tête épaules genoux pieds" French rhyme for Kids

Head, shoulders, knees and feet (in French) two eyes, two ears, a mouth and a nose; Tête épaules genoux pieds, deux yeux deux oreilles une bouche et un nez;H...

PE- Top 10 Cardio Exercises for Kids

Today's workout presents the 10 best cardio exercises for kids. It aims to improve fitness levels and also burn body fat. Let's check the list:Arm CirclesJum...

Mindfulness Exercises for Kids 🌟😊 | Cosmic Kids

5 easy and practical mindfulness techniques kids from the age of 5+ can use to self-regulate, calm down, tune into their listening and sharpen concentration....

Thursday 4th February- Today is Big Write day! Learning for today consists of Arithmetic (found on Class Story), a times tables sheet, Big Write, Spelling Test and Art (relating to the theme of expressing yourself). There is no Reading task set today, as I would like you to access Bug Club- let me know if you need your password again.

Please don't forget to upload your learning to Dojo, as we can't wait to see what you have been up to! 

Spelling Test

Maths- Watch this to help you multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000

This video explains how to multiply by 10, 100 and 1000.Questions:

Thurs 4th Feb Big Write Invitation letter pp

Uploaded by UKS2 YouTube on 2021-02-04.
Please write this out this week or type straight into Dojo. I have not put a sheet on Dojo for this reason. You can do it!

Thurs 4th Feb Expressing yourself through art pp

Wednesday 3rd February- Happy Wednesday everyone! Learning for today consists of Arithmetic (found on Class Story on Dojo), Maths, Reading, Grammar, English, Handwriting, RE and PSHE. 


Handwriting- Please choose a page from your CGP book to complete or just have a go at practising joining your writing.


Maths for today is algebra. Please click here for the video and find the worksheets below. 


Wed 3rd Feb Reading Retrieving information pp

Wed 3rd Feb English Invitation features pp

Wed 3rd Feb RE pp

Wed 3rd Feb PSHE

Tuesday 2nd February- Happy Tuesday everyone! I apologise that the Topic video was not uploaded until late yesterday and so I am asking that you complete that activity today. I will re-post the video on today's learning. 


Maths for today is continuing with algebra, but finding two step rules. Please click here for the video and find the worksheets below. 

Tues 2nd Feb Retrieving information pp

Grammar song 1- The Parenthesis Song (BRACKETS) , COMMAS, and - DASHES -

Here is our song about PARENTHESIS - the extra information which can appear inside brackets, dashes or commas!Anchor Creative Education lead SPaG drama and m...

Grammar song 2- Sing with Grammarsaurus - Parentheses (Brackets, Dashes and Commas) This song got stuck in my head and I really enjoyed it! I hope you do too!

I know parenthesis is spelled wrong (it is the American spelling) and I apologise, but the song is really catchy and I'm sure if you ask your parents about the original song, they may be able to give you a clue! :-)

English- Please follow the link to watch the video before completing the activity. I would like you to write some sentences about Mexico using relative clauses. As extra challenges, can you write sentences that include a semi-colon? A non-finite? An adverbial? Final challenge- can you write a sentence that includes all?

Mon 1st/Tues 2nd Feb- Topic- Desert

PE- The choice is yours, either Yoga or Kidz Bop

Choose one video to complete or both! And don't forget to upload your photos to Dojo :-)

You may just want to do half of this one, as it is an hour!

Monday 1st February- Happy Monday everyone! I hope that everyone has had a lovely weekend :-) This week is Children's Mental Health week, where we will be completing some activities around expressing ourselves and looking after ourselves. 

Spellings to be tested this week

Spellings to be tested Thursday 4th February
















Spellings to be tested Thursday 4th February
















Today's learning is Arithmetic, Maths, Reading, Grammar, English, Topic and a Well-being activity. 


Maths for today is algebra- please click here to watch the video and find the worksheet below. 

Grammar- Using apostrophe's correctly. An apostrophe has only two uses: one to show a contraction (where two words are put together such as can't) and the second is to show that something belongs to someone.

Mon 1st Feb Reading Defining vocabulary pp

Reading- Defining vocabulary

Well-being- Watch the videos and then you can either create a poster or a presentation/perform a speech, encouraging people to have a positive mindset and to take on challenges and not be scared to take risks and make mistakes. 

Mon 1st Feb Topic Desert