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Week beg 18th Jan

Friday 22nd January- Happy Friday everyone! Here we are at the end of another week. I hope that you all have a great day today :-) 


Maths for today is an arithmetic test. I have put some links below to some videos for you to watch if you know there is a question that you might struggle with. Here are some handy things to remember too: 

1) when you are adding and subtracting, make sure that you line the digits up or the decimal point in each column (you might need to add place holders) 

2) a little 2 next to a number means squared and a 3 means cubed- 7 squared= 7x7, 7 cubed - 7x7x7

3) when you are multiplying or dividing by 10, 100 and 1000, move the digits to the left or the right, depending on the amount of 0s 

4) when multiplying a fraction by a fraction, just multiply them! 

5) when you want to find a percentage of a number eg. 45%, find 10% and then use that to find 40% and then 5%.  

Subtracting mixed numbers- click here for the video

Dividing a fraction by a whole number- click here for the video

Adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators- click here for the video


Reading- please either complete the reading from yesterday, as I know in school, we ran out of time! Or go onto Bug Club- click here to take you to the website. 

Fri 22nd Jan Spellings pp

Grammar Blast- using commas. Hints: look for adverbials, ask yourself if the part in commas could be taken out and if the sentence would still make sense.

Fri 22nd Jan French Using prepositions

PE- 20 Minute Full Body Workout - No Equipment Needed | The Body Coach TV

Guided Meditation for Kids | BODY SCAN | Mindfulness for Children

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Thursday 21st January- Happy Thursday everyone! I hope that you are all okay this morning :-) 


Maths for today is a little bit different- I have uploaded a times tables challenge and a times tables sheet with a little bit of a difference. We have completed these in class, but I have also done an audio file for you to listen to if you look at the sheet and find it difficult :-) There is also a link to a video to help you multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000


How to multiply and divide numbers by 10, 100 and 1000

If you want to learn how to multiply and divide both whole numbers and decimals by 10, 100 and 100, then this video is perfect for you!

Thurs 21st Jan Reading Understanding the text pp

Spelling Test

Thurs 21st Jan Writing a myth

Thurs 21st Jan Topic Frida Kahlo

Wednesday 20th January- Don't forget to keep practising your spellings as the spelling test is on Thursday. You can find the spellings below. 

For Handwriting today, you can choose any page from your booklet and complete that, but don't forget to upload your finished piece to Dojo :) 


Maths for today is continuing Fractions as decimals. Please click here for the video link and find the worksheets below. If you find this difficult, please look again at the video and then if you are still struggling, message us for help :-) 

Wed 20th Jan Reading Defining vocabulary pp

Wed 20th Jan Planning a myth

Grammar Blast- Please watch the videos before you complete the Grammar Blast; they will help you. (Also, one is very familiar and I know we love it!) 

Coordinating Conjunctions | Award Winning Coordinating Conjunctions Teaching Video | FANBOYS

Coordinating Conjunctions I've created an entire series of teaching videos to explain the components of English LanguageArts in a way that connects them to e...

Sing with Grammarsaurus - Subordinating Conjunctions (A WHITE BUS)

Sing and learn with Grammarsaurus! GRAMMARSAURUS TEACHES *ALL* SUBJECTS!!!Get your grammar groove on with Grammarsaurus teaching videos. Grammarsaurus bring...

Wed 20th Jan- RE

PSHE- Today is all about privacy. Can you have a look at these scenarios and choose a couple to discuss with someone in your house. If you can't do that, then send us your ideas through on Dojo :-)

Tuesday 19th January- Good morning everyone! Don't forget to practise your spellings, ready for Thursday :-) These can be found below. 


Maths for today is Fractions to decimals. Please click here to view the video for today and find the sheets below. 

Tues 19th Jan Reading Understanding the text

Tues 19th Jan English Punctuating direct speech pp

Grammar Blast- Remember that a main clause makes sense by itself- you can't add or take away words! A subordinate clause does not make sense by itself- again, you can't add or take away words! A subordinate clause might start with a conjunction (a linking word) but it might also be a relative clause, which starts with a relative pronoun (who, whose, which, that)
PE- Today, you have a choice. I have put a link to the Hat Dance music (traditional Mexican music). You can either practise the Hat Dance moves- heel, heel, heel, clap, clap- in time with the music or you can create your own dance moves or you can create your own circuit moves using the activity cards below. Try to think about the tempo (speed of the music) and which moves will fit better at certain points in the music. 

Viva México jarabe tapatío

Imagenes GIO OCHOA G


Spellings to be tested Thursday 21st January


















Spellings to be tested Thursday 21st January
















Monday 18th January- Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend :-)


Maths for today is looking at decimals as fractions. Please watch the video before attempting the sheet as some of the questions will need explaining. Click here for the video and find the worksheets below. 

Grammar Blast- A question asks something, a statement just says something and a command orders you to do something. Think about this when you are completing the sheet.

Mon 18th Jan Reading Defining vocabulary pp

Mon 18th Jan English Dialogue pp

Mon 18th Jan Topic Identifying Maya on a map