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Week beg 11th Jan

Week beginning Monday 11th January- Thank you to everyone for a fantastic first week last week. I know that you will continue to be amazing as the weeks go on :-) I can't wait to see your learning this week too 

Friday 15th January- Happy Friday everyone! 


Spellings to be tested Thursday 21st January


















Spellings to be tested Thursday 21st January

















Maths for today is half an arithmetic test and also a times tables test. Please give yourself 20 minutes to complete each one (give or take 5 minutes) The sheets can be found on Dojo- the arithmetic is on the Class Story and the Times tables sheet has been uploaded as an activity. 

Fri 15th Jan Reading comprehension pp

Fri 15th Jan English Spelling presentation

PE - If you can, please go outside and enjoy some time in the snow and with your family and then come back inside and complete some peaceful yoga :-) If you build a snow structure, then please don't forget to send me a picture on Dojo :-) 

Rainbow Yoga 🌈 Yoga For All Ages! 🌈 Yoga With Adriene

Rainbow Yoga! The perfect 17-minute practice to brighten your day, to help turn darkness into light. Great for ALL AGES!Breathe deep, create a healthy flow o...

Fri 15th Jan French Using prepositions pp

Thursday 14th Jan- Today we have Maths, Reading, Grammar Blast, Big Write, Art and Music. If you didn't get chance to complete any handwriting yesterday then please do today, but if you don't get chance today, please do some tomorrow :-) 


Maths for today is Division problems. My piece of advice would be to read the question carefully. Please click here for the video link and find the worksheet below. 

Spelling Test

Thurs 14th Jan Reading Defining vocabulary pp

Thurs 14th Jan Writing a postcard pp

Drawing a Mayan Pyramid - Optical Illusion

Watch this and use this to copy when you try your drawing.

Mariachi Sol De Mexico Perform Guadalajara | GRAMMYs

Mariachi Sol De Mexico, led by GRAMMY-nominated conductor/bandleader Jose Hernandez, recently visited The Recording Academy for an exclusive performance of t...

Watch the music video above and then use the sheet below to respond

Wednesday 13th Jan- Don't forget to practise your spellings. Remember that this week, it is up to you. if you got 16 or more last week, then have a go at the new spellings. If you got less than 16 then keep the spellings from last week and do them again :-) 


If you get time today, have a go at the Handy Homophones page from your handwriting book. Don't worry if you don't get time, you can complete this task tomorrow or on Friday, as I know there is PSHE and RE to do today :-) 


Maths for today is dividing decimals by integers. Don't panic about the word integer, it just means a whole number. Please click here for the video and find the worksheet below. 

Wed 13th Jan Reading comprehension

Wed 13th Jan English Planning a postcard pp

Wed 13th Jan RE pp

Wed 13th Jan- PSHE- Choices and Consequences

Tuesday 12th Jan 


New Spellings to be tested on Thursday 14th January- If you didn't get a great score last week, then keep those spellings. If you got anything above 16, then have a go at the new spellings for this week. The choice is yours! 


Spellings to be tested Thursday 14th January


















Spellings to be tested Thursday 14th January

















Maths for today is multiplying decimals by integers (an integer just means a whole number) Please click here for the video link (I have double-checked it today!) And find your worksheet and the DU below. Just a reminder, to wait until you have received feedback on your first Maths sheet before completing the DU/DU+ 

Tues 12th Jan Reading Vocabulary

Tues 12th Jan English spotting mistakes pp

English- gp1 usually work with Mrs Ledger and gp2 usually work with Mrs Daysh and Mrs Ferry

PE- This is the Hat Dance we did last week. Remind yourself of it first

If you are feeling brave, have a go at these moves and see if you can do them in time :-)

How to do the Mexican Hat Dance ? The Kidsongs kids will help you :-)

Tues 12th Jan Topic Classifying animals

Monday 11th January- Please find the learning for today below. Don't forget to upload anything that you complete onto Dojo and we would also love to see what else you get up to, eg. cooking, sewing, enjoying family time :-) 


Maths for today is dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. Please click here for the video link and find the worksheet below. 

If sometimes Mrs Ledger helps you complete your maths learning, then click here for the video link and find the worksheet below. 

Mon 11th Jan Reading Defining vocabulary pp

Mon 11th Jan English Homophones pp

English sheets- gp1- you work with Mrs Ledger on a Tues, Wed, Thurs. In English, gp2, you usually work with myself or Mrs Ferry

Topic- Mon 11th Jan Mexico

Topic sheets- For the Geography one, I have uploaded all three here, but have only sent you one on Dojo, so please complete that one :-)