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Week 5 - 29th June

Remember to have a look at our French learning below and the PSHE learning for this week. 

Friday 3rd July 2020

Today's Maths is.... a Maths challenge from the White Rose Hub Website OR a Maths reasoning quiz. 


Today's English is... a spelling test and an inverted commas challenge (there's 3 different difficulties to make sure you choose one to challenge yourself!). You might want to act out your newspaper report from yesterday to someone at home too. 


Don't forget to have a look at this week's Friday Theme

Spelling test 03.07.2020

Thursday 2nd July 2020

Today's Maths is... can you tell the time to 5 minutes? This is a recap of our time learning from a few weeks ago and extends your understanding of telling the time. Make sure you watch the video to help you! 


Today's English is... a BIG WRITE! Can you write a newspaper report about what happened to your character in the room you created? There is a video to help you through this. Make sure you use your speech learning and plan to help you too! 



English - Big write

Lesson 4 - Tell the time to 5 minutes

Wednesday 1st July 2020

Today's Maths is... can you recognise  and describe 3D shapes? We haven't looked at this in Year 3 yet so make sure you watch the video before you give it a go! 


Today's English is... can you use inverted commas for direct speech? Think about what your witnesses or character might say. You could use your notes or sentences that you wrote on your plan yesterday to help you. Make sure you watch the video before having a go! 


Don't forget to have a look at the topic web for some ideas for your topic learning. There are some science experiments that you can do with the things you find at home....

English - using inverted commas for direct speech

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Lesson 3 - Recognise and describe 3D shapes

Tuesday 30th June 2020

Today's Maths is ... can you recognise and describe 2D shapes? Remember to watch the video to help you! 


Today's English is... can you plan your newspaper report? I would like to you do this a little differently today. Watch the video, pause it when it tells you to, have a go and come back to the video for the next part... just like we would plan in the classroom! 

English - Plan your newspaper report

This video will help you to plan your newspaper report. Make sure you pause the video when it tells you to so that you can have a go.

Lesson 2 - Recognise and describe 2D shapes

Monday 29th June 2020

Today's Maths is... can you draw accurately using a ruler? Make sure that you watch the video to remind yourself. 


Today's English is... can you design a factory room that is specially made for your character? Make sure that you watch the video below as it will help you with what to include. 

There is also a short spelling challenge which is a word search for Common Exception Words. 


Don't forget to have a look at the PSHE and French learning above! There are some exciting topic ideas on our topic web so make sure that you choose your activities for this week. 

English - Design a room

This video will help you to design your room based on your character's flaws.

Lesson 1 - Draw accurately