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Week 4 - 23rd November

In English this week we will be continuing to learn about the Great Fire of London. We will be writing a newspaper report about the event!

Monday - read these newspaper reports and identify the main features.

Monday - features of newspaper reports.

Year 1 Phonics and Spelling

We are learning the split digraphs this week using our stories Caveman Dave and The Jolly Postman. Spellings this week are:

snake, bake, ride, like, has, his

Split digraph a-e - Caveman Dave!

This is the story the children will look at for the split digraph a-e.

Split digraph i-e The Jolly Postman!

This is the story the children will use to learn split digraph i-e.

Year 2 Spelling

We will be looking at silent k. Spellings this week are:

Silent ‘k’ before n.






+ 5 more!

Year 1 Maths

This week in Maths we are beginning to look at addition within 10.

You can find videos here to support: 


Year 2 Maths

This week in Y2 Maths we are expanding on our knowledge of addition and will be focusing on adding 2 digit numbers to 100, not crossing ten.  Here is a White Rose video to help you -