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Week 4 - 22nd June

Remember to have a look at our French learning, which is a recipe for making crêpes, and the PSHE learning for this week. 

Friday 26th June 2020

Today's Maths is ... the maths challenge from the White Rose Hub OR a maths quiz. I have attached all the document that you need below. 


Today's English is ... a spelling test and a 'Make your own silly words' challenge like Willy Wonka. There is an optional SPaG quiz if you would like to have a go at this too. 


Don't forget to have a look at this week's Friday theme.

Spelling test 26.06.2020

Thursday 25th June 2020

Today's Maths is... can you find and use perpendicular and parallel lines? Remember to watch the video to help you! 


Today's English is... Gareth Baker's Activity OR a movie review of the old or new version of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. If you haven't watched the movie, you could watch some of the clips from the movies and review those. You could find your own clips on Youtube too - Remember to ask a parent to help you be safe on the internet. 





Lesson 4 - Parallel and perpendicular

Wednesday 24th June 2020

Today's Maths is... can you find horizontal and vertical lines? Make sure you watch the video to help you! 


Today's English is... Gareth Baker's activity on planning OR comparing two characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You might even want to compare a character from the film to the character that you created last week! Think about what makes them similar or different.


Don't forget to choose your topic activity for this week from the new topic web!

Lesson 3 - Horizontal and vertical

Tuesday 23rd  June 2020

Today's Maths is.... can you compare angles?   You can find the worksheets and the video to help you below. 


Today's English is... Gareth Baker's activity on how your character might feel OR a reading comprehension challenge about Charlie and Grandpa finding the golden ticket. 



Lesson 2 - Compare angles

Monday 22nd June 2020

Today's Maths is... can you find right angles in shapes? This is from the White Rose Hub Website. This is new learning so make sure you watch the video to help you. 


Today's English is... an activity from Gareth Baker. I have created the videos for our learning this week so make sure you have a look at them. Today's video is about creating your own secret and artefact/object.... all will come clear when you watch the video. 


There are also 2 spelling challenges to have a go at: a quick sorting activity of sounds  and a code breaker activity. 


There is a new topic web to have a look at. It contains new ideas for your topic learning to last the next 3 weeks! 

Lesson 1 - Right angles in shapes