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We are moving on from multiplication, and we will be working on division. Watch the videos to support your understanding of the different methods.

Spr5.2.5 - Divide 2-digits by 1-digit


Today's reading is another comprehension activity based on our test. Please write true or false in the bubble and find a quote to support your answer.

Reading comprehension true or false 13 1


Today's English is all about finding facts! It's really important that we have enough facts to make our information leaflet detailed enough. What i want you to do is watch the video, and write down the facts which you feel are important. Please don't write everything down, just the facts you think are important.

It might be a good idea to aim for 2/3 interesting facts about each planet which you might not already have.

The SOLAR SYSTEM for kids | From planet to planet - Compilation

Are you ready to take a walk in the Solar System? Hop into our spaceship tp learn and enjoy! In this video, you'll find interesting details about the planets...


Your topic today is a DIY activity. I would like you to create a rocket using physical items from around your house. Watch the video for some ideas on what you might want to make yours from but don't forget, you did make a rocket design last week! Maybe look on your portfolio and see what you made last week, and try and make it look like that.

Make a rocket using household items 13 1